Bride to Be- The Most Beautiful Wedding Styles of All Time

The wedding industry is worth approximately $50 billion per year. Brides do the best they can to make their wedding day as memorable as possible. It’s no wonder that the industry keeps innovating creative wedding styles. 

While some of the styles come and go, others are here to stay and will inspire brides for years to come. The thought of bridal styles sends the mind to royal brides like Princess Rania of Jordan, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, and the Duchess of Cambridge. 

Here are some brides who rocked beautiful wedding styles that are still a source of inspiration today.

  1. Kate Moss

Kate Moss rocked the bohemian vibes. She left her blonde hair to spill effortless out from under her stylish Juliet. Her wedding was in 2011, and many brides still borrow from the style. 

  1. Vanessa Traina

Vanessa’s look in her 2012 wedding is still a sight to behold. She went for a picture-perfect bin that sat just above the nape of her neck. She then endowed it with a custom-made Givenchy veil. 

  1. Yoko Ono

This wedding style dates back to 1969 and still has some elements that modern brides can borrow. Ono made an entrance wearing a white felt at atop her freewheeling mane. The wedding was in Spain. 

  1. Minnie Cushing

In 1962, Minnie Cushing married the love of her life. As a socialite, it wasn’t difficult to note the elegance in her hairstyle. She pulled it up off her face and adorned it with beautiful daisies.

  1. Bianca Jagger

The year of her memorable wedding was 1971. Bianca let her hair fall naturally and covered it with a Yves Saint Laurent chapeau. Beneath the hat, it wasn’t hard to notice a hint of brush curls.

  1. Wallis Simpson

Her controversial wedding to Edward VIII didn’t stop her from spotting one of the unique wedding styles. Instead of the regular bride veil, Wallis donned a halo-shaped hat. She paired it with a soft blue gown and a sapphire and diamond brooch at the neck. 

  1. Marilyn Monroe

Despite being married at the tender age of 16, Marilyn didn’t disappoint. She did well to match the bridal styles of the ’40s. Her coiffed hair and traditional veil were an elegant choice for her wedding day.

  1. Elizabeth Tailor

Elizabeth tailor was arguably the inventor of bridal styling and queen of weddings. When getting married to Conrad Hilton in 1950, she opted for a classic and traditional look. She completed her simple hairstyle with an encrusted tiara and a full fingertip-length veil. 

  1. Poppy Delevingne

For her Morocco wedding in 2014, Poppy chose a miniature crown-like braid. She completed the look with a trailing veil and floral gown to achieve a chic outlook. 

  1. Diana Ross

Married in 1986, Diana kept her wedding style simple but elegant. She accessorized her raven-haired slicked back style with white flowers and a veil. 

  1. Jacqueline Kennedy

Her wedding style dates back to 1952 and still holds some inspiration for brides to borrow. Her hair was simply pinned into a beautiful updo for her ceremony attended by 700 guests.

  1. Ava Gardner

While getting married to Frank Sinatra, she ditched the traditional look by abandoning the veil. She embodied what would be considered the classic trends of the time. She opted for the coiffed hair trends to get the best version of her on-screen self. 

  1. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey is the epitome of all civil ceremonies that happened since 1969. The actress wedded her Italian psychiatrist lover Andrea Dotti in a simple wedding ceremony. She opted for a look comprising white tights and ballerina flats. 

Her choice of outfit prompted her to go easy on her make-up and hairstyle. She held it in mod fringe and paired it with a matching headscarf. 

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Final Thoughts

Choosing a wedding style is both easy and hard. The easy part is that there’s a wide variety of available options. The hard part is settling for one from among them, one that will leave a lasting impression. 

Whether you go for simple or more sophisticated wedding styles, it’s essential that you’re comfortable with your choice. At the end of the day, less could be more.


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