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If you search about activity gym on the online platforms, you will find a sea of options. This is where it gets all confusing. Having an activity gym for your baby can be an overwhelming experience and yet be confusing one if you are not sure of what to buy. You may consult a child specialist about getting the activity gym, but there are certain factors to determine. 

Before you purchase the activity gym for your kid, you need to check up on a lot of factors, to ensure safety for your kid. 

Resting flat

A lot of parents find activity gym with lounge pillow, foam wedge, or activity chair attractive. Although these aspects may appear useful, they are instead harmful to the overall development for your child.

Baby’s development is the basic requirement ever since he exits the womb. However, having these pillows and wedges restrict the growth of children because it does not allow the proper movement. Therefore, whenever you are choosing the activity gym, you should get one that lies flat on the floor and is free of these lifted areas. 

Width to hang toys

When you are getting the activity gym for your kid, your initial motive would be to hang in a lot of toys to attract attention. But, you will be unable to do so if the space isn’t wide enough. Therefore, you should be getting a wide enough activity gym so that you can freely hang the toys without the fear of them falling. 

You should get a wide activity gym to ensure that your child does not feel enough pressure. However, you should avoid hanging the toys on top of the child’s head. Not only will it restrict the child’s movement but also increases the risk of the child getting hurt. 

Get removable toys option

Gradually as the baby grows, their movements will become more too. Thus, they will have the option to change the targets and eventually, with toys being near to them; it can be extremely at the risk of falling. 


As a result, you can prefer getting an activity gym where you have the option of removing the toys. This helps to simplify a lot of activities. Removing or reducing the toys will ensure your child is focused and free from reaching the hanging toys.


You can prefer purchasing strong and comfortable activity gyms from PinkiBlue baby store. Not only are they affordable but extremely comfortable as well. You can prefer reaching to the experts and get the perfect one for your child. 


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