Are Preserved Flowers Real?

Fresh flower arrangements look beautiful and fragrant when they are just bought at a flower shop or just received. But unfortunately, fresh bloomers have limitations, which are easier to wither and die when compared to preserved flowers. Dried flowers are preserved by the drying method, namely by hanging them and letting them dry or dehydrating naturally. So that the texture that is owned tends to be crispy and easily crushed when held. However, the durability of them that are often used for decoration purposes cannot last long. The dry ones’ weakness generally lies in their fragile stems, their color fades quickly, and their petals fall off easily.

Another case with preserved flowers. Although both are dry, the working technique is different. Instead of being allowed to dry naturally like the dried flowers, they go through a rehydration process using a mixture of glycerin or chemicals and other plant elements. In a process that takes several days, the liquid slowly rises through the stem and then replaces the natural sap from the fresh flower stalks. Once the infiltration process is complete, they are ready for use. When the rose flower arrangement undergoes a curing process, it is the same in appearance, but the petals’ texture is also flexible like the fresh version.

So, preserved flowers Singapore are real fresh blossoms that are deliberately preserved to maintain their beauty. That is the reason people would think they are fake plants caused by their steady freshness. They are often used as a gift to people who don’t have time to care for them. So, if you want to give a lazy person a present, then this e is the right one! You can also give them to your parents. So you don’t have to bother them in their old age. There are other differences between dried flowers and preserved flowers. They have a different preservation technique.

Dried flowers have only one way to dry beautifully. You just have to hang it in the ventilation area. The way to dry it is to tie a large number of floral stalks with string and then hang them upside down. Place it in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight, a warm, well-ventilated place. Try removing the leaves first after they are picked to retain moisture and slow down the drying process. Poles or cables for hanging should be at least six inches from the ceiling to allow air to circulate easily and prevent mold and rot.

Drying can take anywhere from one week to several weeks, depending on the floral, when and where it was harvested, and the drying place’s humidity. The drawbacks of this method are that the floral stems that are hanging tend to be straight, so they look unnatural and they are very brittle.

Meanwhile, preserved flowers have many techniques and take a long time. That’s why they are sold at a fantastic price with just a single blossom. What are the preservation techniques that are used at them?

  • Using a hairspray

The fresh blossom age placed in a vase filled with water usually reaches only 3-5 days. If you want to extend the life of your fresh blossom even further, you can use hairspray that is commonly used to shape hairdos. Hairspray can prolong the florals’ freshness, even if you don’t use glycerin for as long. All you can do just spray the petals with hairspray a few centimeters apart. Then, hang the florals in a windy area to allow any excess hairspray to dry. You can do this method every few days to keep the florals looking fresh. However, hairspray cannot prevent the appearance of the brownish color on the petals because the florals are getting drier and wilted every day.

  • Pressed

This flower preservation dates back to the Victorian era but has also been incorporated into modern pickling techniques due to new techniques for pressing, vacuum sealing, and color enhancement. Preservation of floral with modern methods uses different types of presses, depending on the type of flower. The results are then framed in frames for hanging on the wall. It is recommended to use vacuum sealing and use of special glass with a UV Factor of 97% to ensure the color lasts a long time.

  • Heat in the microwave

Cut the flower stems short, wrap a bunch of blossom in a coffee filter, and place them in a heat-safe container with silicone gel under the container. Place the container of it in the microwave on medium heat.

  • Soak with glycerin

Soak it in glycerin. Let the glycerin content soak into them. This will replace the water in them with glycerin, which keeps them looking fresh. Glycerin also keeps them from changing in texture. The disadvantage of preserving with glycerin is that it takes a long time to process, reaching two to six weeks.

  • Freeze drying

The freeze-drying method’s principle is to remove the water content in a material that has frozen without a liquid phase but by sublimation. You can take it to a company that has a tool for freeze-drying. This process is complicated and expensive, but the results are very satisfying because they will live with their appearance, color, and aroma that doesn’t change. Unfortunately, the fragile and perishable condition of frozen florals makes you need to pay extra attention.

  • Coating it with epoxy resin

There are two ways you can use it. If you want to display them in a vase, you can simply apply epoxy resin all over the petals and flower stems. However, if you want to make it as a keychain or decoration, put the epoxy resin liquid into the mold and then slowly place them into it. Overwrite again with resin liquid and let stand for 24 hours. Thus, the resin will harden and keep them fresh inside. This method doesn’t take long. However, they will look a little stiff.

  • Cover in sand

Cut the flower stems very short, sticking them in the sand so that they cover the stems. Add clean sand so that it completely covers them. Let stand 3-4 weeks until the moisture content in them runs out. Hang them upside down to remove lingering sand residue. This method is fairly easy and inexpensive, but it will take a long time to dry. Not only that, but sand also easily gets caught in the flower. Therefore, to care for it, you need to be more diligent in cleaning them.

  • Using silica gel

The way to preserve it is the same as using sand. However, in this process, the sand is replaced by silica gel. Put an inch or two of silica gel in a container, then cover the entire flower with gel until the moisture content runs out within a few weeks. This method makes it easy to control how dry you want your flowers to be. Besides, although it is fairly expensive, you can use silica gel repeatedly.

If you don’t want to bother your time to buy these preserved flowers Singapore at the florist, then you can buy them online. These fake plants Singapore gifts can be searched and bought online. Or you can make them yourself at home to give your sincerity to it by following a technique above.

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