Are Digital Menu Boards Worth It?

As a business, you want to make sure that you are investing your money wisely to grow your business. Digital menu boards are becoming increasingly popular these days, but are these really worth the investment? This article will take a closer look to help you understand what a digital menu board is and why they are absolutely worth the money.

Features of Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are popping up all over the place now. Many big-name fast-food restaurants have made the switch to this type of digital signage. This is because of the great features that they offer. These top features include:

  • Quick and easy to update
  • Reduces cost of printing menus
  • Makes a single focal point for content
  • Can automatically change based on the time of day
  • Engaging content

Digital signage can offer many amazing benefits as a result of these features.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

How does digital menu boards benefit you? This section will show you the top benefits of digital menu boards.

Saves Money

The biggest benefit is that you can save a lot of money with your digital menu signage. You don’t need to constantly print out paper menus as they get lost or damaged. You don’t have to have different menus for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. All you need is digital signage. It can update throughout the day as scheduled and can always display your menu. This eliminates the need for printing out menus.

Excellent ROI

In business, it’s all about the ROI. You get an amazing return on your investment with a digital menu board. There aren’t regular recurring costs that you have to consider when it comes to most types of menu boards. You can get as creative as you want and make changes as needed without incurring additional expenses as you would with paper menus.

More Memorable to Customers

Customers are more likely to return to a place when they have a memorable experience. You can use the digital menu boards as entertainment as well, displaying interesting videos, news feeds, or just social media feeds to offer an incredible customer experience.

More Engaging

A digital menu board offers a great way to keep your customers engaged. Engaged customers are going to spend more money at your establishment. They will stick around for more drinks or deserts, which only helps your business to be more successful.

24/7 Marketing

Digital menu boards allow you to have displays that can be seen by people as they pass by, even when you’re not open. Being able to market your business 24/7 can be exactly what your business needs. You can show videos of your team cooking food or of your establishment in full swing. This can inspire people to check out your business when you’re open. 


Digital menu boards are worth the money, especially when you carefully pick the best options for your business. You often get exactly what you pay for when it comes to digital menu board software, so take the time to select an option that will work for your business and your budget.


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