Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Cutters

Laser cutters are high-powered machines that allow users to create fast, precision cuts in a wide variety of materials. The process is similar to drilling or engraving in that it involves creating through-holes or dents, then cutting the material continuously from the holes. Needless to say, though, lasers are much more complex machines than traditional metalworking tools, so most people have a lot of questions about how they work. Read on to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about laser cutting.

What Materials Can Lasers Cut?

Most manufacturers use laser cutters to craft metal parts and components. However, laser cutters can also cut a wide variety of other materials, including ceramics, glass, plastics, polymers, wood, stones, and silicon. However, not all laser cutters can process all materials, so it’s important to buy the right one.

Is Laser Cutting Safe?

Laser cutting is safer than traditional manufacturing processes. The laser beam is enclosed within a box, while conventional machines usually feature free-running blades. As long as operators follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions, there’s nothing to worry about on the cutting floor.

How Accurate Are Laser Cuts?

One of the biggest advantages of switching to a laser cutter from more conventional and antiquated methods of material processing is that lasers are far more accurate and precise. They feature focused, narrow laser beams that allow for maximum accuracy, often to widths as small as 0.1mm.

Will the Laser Damage the Materials?

If manufacturers choose laser machines that are designed for their unique applications, the laser will not damage the material. Laser cutting is a non-contact process that, when performed correctly, minimizes heat damage to the surrounding materials. The extra precision can help to cut back on material waste.

What Industries Use Laser Cutters?

Laser cutters have found a well-deserved place in many modern industries. They are commonly found in automotive plants, aerospace manufacturing facilities, electronics companies, and the medical sector. The ever-falling price of laser cutters has recently made this innovative technology available to home artisans, as well.

How Much Do Laser Cutters Cost?

Laser cutters aren’t cheap, but they aren’t as expensive as they used to be, either. Smaller, entry-level machines can be purchased for less than $5,000, and some laser machine manufacturers offer financing to qualified customers. Larger, more powerful machines will cost more money, but they’ll also help to speed up customers’ manufacturing processes and may even reduce power demand, so they provide an excellent return on investment.

How Much Maintenance Do Laser Cutters Need?

CO2 lasers have higher maintenance requirements than fiber lasers, but both of these types of machines need to be maintained to keep them operating efficiently and effectively. It’s always best to buy a laser cutter from a company that offers ongoing service plans.

The Bottom Line

Laser cutter technology is still a relatively recent invention. Those interested in learning more about laser cutting and engraving before investing in any particular machine may want to follow Boss Laser on Instagram. This reputable manufacturer offers tons of helpful information not just to customers, but also to the general public.

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