Actions You May Take to Please Your Accountant During Tax Season

Would you like to be your accountant’s preferred client? The secret is to start getting ready for your tax return appointment as soon as possible so that your accountant can be prepared with everything they need. 

There are a few ways we can reduce the frequent exchange of words between you and your accountant. Additionally, there is some provided advice on how you might make your tax return visit this year more practical and fruitful for the two of you. CPA group in Nashville, TN, can help you with your taxes.

Verify your formatting first.

Ask your accountant’s office which formats they prefer for your documents before you send them in with your tax information. Do they handle paper well? Or do they choose to have documents sent digitally through the safe client portal of their company?

Prepare for the appointment day.

Have the following data on hand the day you meet with your accountant:

  1. Your picture ID
  2. Your most recent contact details, including phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses
  3. Birth dates, Social Security numbers, etc., of the spouse and any dependents.
  4. For direct deposit of a refund, use the bank account and routing numbers (or a voided cheque).
  5. Confirmation that the websites you use to communicate with your accountant online have been set up and are functioning properly.
  6. The general information that is simple to miss, like:
    • Information about cryptocurrencies
    • supporting documentation for your charity gifts
    • Evidence of your retirement contributions in writing
    • documentation to prove your business mileage

Asking your accountant in advance if there is anything else, in particular, they would like you to bring to the appointment is a good idea. 

Have a pen at the ready.

Although most accountants will likely have a ton of pens accessible for you, if you have a favorite pen, have it on hand in case your accountant asks you to sign any engagement letters. You may work together as an unbeatable team throughout tax season, whether you meet with your accountant face-to-face or virtually with a little forward planning, readiness, strong communication, and even the appropriate pen. (Plus, it will satisfy your accountant. Because they want to make sure you are prepared for success in yet another year.)

Call your tax and accounting team if you have any pre-appointment inquiries regarding your tax paperwork. They would adore hearing from you!

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