A Brief Guide on Expressing Sympathy With Flowers

The loss of a loved one can be very emotional and the bereaved need the support of friends to get through that situation. If you are trying to comfort someone, you can use flowers to show your sympathy. Maybe you do not know much about flowers, and you do not even know what to ask for when you go to the Fort Smith Florists. Here are some pointers to help you show sympathy using flowers.

When to Send Sympathy Flowers

In most cases, you would send flowers if the deceased or the bereaved is close to you. If on the other hand, you know them on a professional level, it may be better to just send a card expressing your sympathy. A full-service Fort Smith florist can help pick an appropriate card.

Types of Flowers to Send 

There are some flowers that are more associated with sympathy. If you ask for suggestions to the florists in Fort Smith AR, they would recommend Lilies, Roses, Orchids, Carnations and Chrysanthemums among others. Depending on their colors, they would be appropriate to deliver your message of sympathy. It is a good idea to browse the website of Fort Smith Arkansas florist  But you could also choose the flowers that they love the most if you know what they are.


It is not a bad idea to send a long-lasting plant in a pot. Peace lilies are a good choice. Look for a florist Fort Smith AR, who has potted plants and make a choice. Plants will last longer as long as they are well taken care of.

Choosing the Color 

You may have noticed that the majority of sympathy bouquets have white flowers. White is associated with purity and goodness so many people find it appropriate. But the flower shops in Fort Smith AR would be able to introduce you to alternative colors. In most cases, pale colors like lilac are appropriate for the somber mood since bright colors may signify more of celebration.

When the Bereaved is a Man

Usually, people may feel a bit awkward giving flowers to a man, but there is nothing wrong with that in this day and age. Men though may not like pink flowers since that is usually associated with women. Most Fort Smith flower shops have specialists who can help you choose the right sympathy flowers for a man. There also some flower shops in Fort Smith Arkansas that may suggest a sympathy basket instead with more practical items like fruits.

Sympathy Message 

The flowers alone will not be enough to communicate sympathy. At the same time though, you do not have to write an entire life story. Choose short, kind, and comforting words to express your sympathy. Maybe you could check Fort Smith AR shops for cards that have sympathy messages and choose the one that best communicates your condolences.

Delivering the Flowers

It is common practice to deliver the sympathy flowers to the home of the bereaved instead of to the funeral. In most cases, you would want to send them when you hear the news of the loss. In other cases, you may send them a few weeks after the burial.

You can count on Johnston’s quality flowers Inc. Fort Smith to help you with the entire process of choosing and delivering the flowers.

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