9 Best Songs for Kids to Sing Along To

Kids to Sing

Sure, they may get 90% of the words wrong, but is there anything cuter than witnessing a preschooler try their first attempt at a song? No wonder kids do so well on TV talent shows.

But you don’t need to be practicing for television stardom to enjoy a sing-song with children. A long car journey, a rainy afternoon, or a children’s party are perfect opportunities to get out the songbook.

But before you put together your singalong playlist, check out our nine best songs for kids guaranteed to put a beaming smile on everyone’s face.

  1. The Bare Necessities, from The Jungle Book

Is this the best Disney song ever? We think so. It’s a perfect combination of feel-good lyrics, a catchy tune, and a memorable cartoon sequence. Forget about your worries and sing alone with Baloo The Bear.

  1. Firework, by Katy Perry

Kids love hitting these top notes, and are naturally drawn to the upbeat feel in this classic pop song from Katy Perry. You won’t be able to resist turning the music up loud and dancing along.

  1. Baby Shark, by Pinkfong

Yes, we went there. It might be stuck on repeat in parents’ heads around the world (whether they like it or not). But no birthday party is complete without this bouncy, somewhat squeaky tune with lyrics even Granny will know.

  1. ABC, by The Jackson 5

Are you a school teacher? For a song with an educational vibe, have a boogie to the Jackson 5. Any music that stands the test of time like ABC is, without doubt, one to introduce to the next generation.

  1. Frère Jacques, Traditional

It’s never too early to introduce a second language to your children. The delicate melody of this classic tune with the traditional French lyrics is easy to remember and a great introduction to the Romance language.

  1. Let It Go, from Frozen

Fact: There isn’t a girl who hasn’t dressed as Elsa at least once. Do you remember when those sparkly blue dresses sold out and pre-Christmas parental panic ensued?

Of course, there’s one song at the top of every child’s list of Disney songs, and that’s the high-hitting notes from Let it Go.

  1. You Are My Sunshine, by Jimmie Davis

For a triple shot of cuteness, introduce your young audience to the timeless, sweet, and affectionate lyrics of You Are My Sunshine. It’s the perfect antidote to a grey, rainy day.

  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Traditional

This pretty, classic lullaby is probably the easiest song for a young child to learn.

And the memorable melody is also one of the most straightforward to learn on an instrument. So if you have the next Mozart on your hands, introduce this early on.

  1. Happy, by Pharrell Williams

If you are dancing and clapping to a pop song, our guess is you’re listening to Happy by Pharrell Williams. Don’t keep this one to yourself. The simple lyrics are perfect for the children in your life.

Nine Perfect Songs for Kids

Teaching children the lyrics to these nine fantastic songs for kids will give them a lifelong love of music. And they’ll make those long car journeys a little more bearable.

For more fun musical inspiration, check out Digestly’s entertainment section before you go.

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