8 Signs Your Skin Is Aging Faster Than You Think

In this ever-changing world, we are all searching for the mythical Fountain of Youth to reverse the process of aging and restore our youthful glow. However, the magic of youthfulness is as elusive as ever, leaving us to lament the effects of aging on our skin like wrinkles and fine lines.

The key is early detection, so without further adieu, here are the telltale signs that your skin might be aging faster and how to find resolution on each one.

History of the Family

Little do most people know but genetics could be a culprit in our skin aging. While some people age gracefully with healthy skin, some people lose their youthful appearance due to certain genetic factors. 

While this is inevitable and impossible to combat, there are certain things you can do to delay the aging of your skin by maintaining a healthy diet and the regular use of sunscreen.

Inadequate Diet

One of the causes of fast skin aging is a poor diet. Premature wrinkling and skin dehydration could be attributed to unhealthy eating habits. Choose carefully the items that you will stuff in your mouth or you will end up having more wrinkles when you get older.

Sensitive Skin

People with thinner dermis are prone to premature skin aging. Thin skin usually has a less bouncy skin surface and putting more tension could lead to wrinkles and unwanted lines. You need to eat foods that are rich in vitamins that not only protect the surface of the skin but also restore its natural elasticity.

Expressive Face

A super expressive face could be both beneficial and detrimental to the health of our skin. Some positive expressions like smiling could lift the skin of the face, while frowning could age you more. As a solution to this, you can undergo treatment at a medical spa Edmonton site called Dermcare Youth 360 to provide you with younger-looking skin.

Dry Skin

A dry skin type usually tends to get stiff and could lead to permanent wrinkles. This skin type needed more care than normal or combination types. If you happen to have a dry skin type, make sure that your face is well-hydrated with moisturizers that are appropriate to your skin. 

Skin Diseases

People with skin diseases like eczema are prone to skin aging. This skin condition shows itself on the skin as dry patches of inflamed surfaces. This is why the wonders of moisturizers could also be applied to skin that tends to age prematurely.

Pale Skin

At first, this reason could raise some eyebrows but as you read on, it will make more perfect sense. Pale skin usually tends to develop hyperpigmentation that could cause wrinkles unlike people with darker skin tones who have more protection from the harsh rays of the sun. 


Sunburns are caused by unprotected skin that was damaged by harmful UV rays from excessive outdoor activities. If you don’t normally wear sunscreen, your skin will most likely develop severe sunburns that could lead to permanent skin damage and premature aging. Whenever you are going out even for a short period, wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to look for the Fountain of Youth to prevent premature aging that is causing wrinkles and fine lines, you can book an appointment at a medical spa for a treatment. 

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