8 Bedroom Design Ideas You Should Consider

Did you know you’re going to spend about half your life lying in bed? That’s why you should make sure you pick out a mattress for your bedroom that you love.

The right mattress will make lying in bed feel like a dream. It’ll also help you get more than enough sleep at night so that you wake up each morning refreshed.

Buying a great mattress isn’t the only thing you’ll need to put together the perfect bedroom, though. You’ll also need to put other bedroom design ideas to the test.

Here are eight bedroom design ideas you should use to make your bedroom your own personal sanctuary.

1. Paint Your Bedroom the Right Color

Is your bedroom currently painted bright red, pink, or purple? These kinds of colors aren’t going to make your bedroom as relaxing as you’d like it to be.

You can use all the bedroom design ideas you want. But if your bedroom isn’t painted the right color, they might not do much to help it function better.

Rather than going with bright colors in your bedroom, you should stick with muted blues or greens. They’re some of the best colors for your bedroom since they’ll make it feel more peaceful from the start.

2. Add the Right Lighting to Your Bedroom

In addition to putting the right paint colors on the wall in a bedroom, you should also aim to use the right lighting in it. If you have big, bright lights in your bedroom, it’s going to be difficult to kick back and relax in it.

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t add any lighting at all to a bedroom. But look for lighting fixtures that’ll provide you with softer lighting in this space.

You should also take full advantage of any natural light you’re able to bring into your bedroom. It’ll brighten your room up during the day without you having to turn on any lights.

3. Invest in the Right Bedroom Furniture

You’re welcome to invest in whichever type of bedroom furniture you would like for your bedroom. But you should try not to buy anything that will be too bulky and overbearing in your bedroom.

At the same time, you should look for bedroom furniture that’s going to be able to fit all your stuff so that you don’t have a messy bedroom more often than not. You’ll have to find furniture that will provide you with enough storage space without taking up too much room.

4. Position Everything in Your Bedroom in the Right Place

Once you have what you believe to be the right bedroom furniture for your bedroom, you should tinker with different bedroom layouts. The bedroom layout you ultimately choose should open up your room and make it feel more spacious than it is.

It should also provide you with easy access to everything you’ll need in your bedroom. You don’t want to have to constantly go searching for things that you should be able to get to with ease.

5. Consider Buying a Bed That’ll Create More Bedroom Space

Is your bedroom on the extra small side? If so, you’ll want to stay away from trying to put a big bed in it. This will eat up what little space you have and make your room less functional than you’d like.

You might want to consider installing a Murphy bed in your bedroom. It’ll give you the opportunity to fold your bed up when you’re not in it so that you can make better use of the space you have.

Check out this Murphy bed-buying guide from Wilding Wallbeds to see if this type of bed is right for you.

6. Decorate the Walls in Your Bedroom

Of all the bedroom design ideas on this list, this one might be the most important. It’s the idea that’s going to allow you to inject some of your personality into your bedroom.

You don’t want to get into the habit of leaving too many knick-knacks all over the place in your room to show others who you are. But you can hang up artwork, photos, and other decor on your bedroom walls to express your interests.

7. Make Your Bedroom Smell Nice

Does your room have a strange smell in it almost all the time? It might be because of how you’re choosing to store your dirty laundry until it’s time to wash it. It might also be because you aren’t changing your sheets often enough.

But it could be simply because you’re spending so much time in your bedroom. In this case, you should set out to freshen it up.

You might be able to do this by opening your windows up every so often to let fresh air in. You might also be able to do it by utilizing candles, incense, etc. in your bedroom.

8. Find Ways to Create a Comfortable Bedroom

Since you’re going to be spending so much time in your bedroom, it should be as comfortable as you can get it. As we have already alluded to, this will start with buying the right bed and putting the right mattress on it.

But you should also find other ways to increase the comfiness of your bedroom. For instance, you might want to cover your bed with pillows. If you have the space, you might also want to find a spot to put a comfy chair or daybed.

Taking these steps will improve the comfort factor in your bedroom by leaps and bounds.

Utilize These Bedroom Design Ideas

If you love the way your bedroom looks and feels right now, keep on doing what you’ve been doing with it. If you aren’t in love with your bedroom, use some of the bedroom design ideas listed here to change that.

These ideas will have you sleeping in the perfect bedroom at night in no time. They’ll also have you wanting to spend more time in your bedroom during the day.

Look for more tips on improving the various rooms throughout your home by reading more of our blog articles.

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