7 Wedding Photo Ideas to Make Your Day Even More Memorable

Here comes the bride and with her, a $30,000 price tag. With so much time, money, and effort going into planning a wedding you want to be certain it is a day you won’t soon forget. Unfortunately, that happens all too easily. 

The taste of the delicious food and cake fades from your mouth. The melodies that rang so clear as you danced the night away become dull and muted in your ears. Even the pre-wedding excitement and overwhelming joy of “I do,” lose their vibrancy with time. 

The thing that keeps the memory alive for years to come is the wedding photos. If your imagination is running thin on how to make your special day unforgettable, mix things up with these creative wedding photo ideas. 

Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

Creative wedding photo ideas are great but some of them might not be possible without a cooperative photographer. Make sure to check in about what you expect and are on the same page. That way they know exactly what to focus on for your special day

1. Pick Your Backdrop

Part of the fun of having a destination wedding is being able to highlight it in your wedding photos. Take a shot of you and your spouse kissing by the lake or dipping your feet into the waves at the beach.

Utilize natural sunlight to add warmth to your wedding photos. You could even wait until sunset to create a unique silhouette with your partner or even the whole wedding party. Wait until nightfall and snap a romantic photo with the lights of the city expanding out behind you. 

Changing backdrops also gives you a chance to play with color schemes and contrast. Have brighter colored flowers in your bouquet? Take a quick photo with a muted backdrop to draw attention to where it counts. 

2. Action Photos

There are lots of joyful and beautiful moments during a wedding. From getting prepared with your bridesmaids to exchanging the rings, there are so many opportunities for a good photo.

Get an artsy shot of your hair or makeup being done. Take a before and after of you and your spouse cutting the wedding cake. Make sure the photographer’s trigger finger is ready when the bouquet goes up in the air. 

All these little memories flash by in a moment. Capturing them on film gives you a chance to relive every single one.  

3. Individual Shots

A wedding is about uniting two souls as one. A lovely way to remember that is through portraits. Get a close-up shot of both the bride and the groom. 

Once you have all your photos, select a simple frame that fits three pictures. Put the individual portraits on either end and pick your favorite couple photo for the middle. Now you have a beautiful piece of art to hang in your home.  

4. Zoom In

A wedding can feel like such a blur when it is all said and done. It is nice to remember all the little touches that required so much effort and planning. Ask your photographer to take some time getting photos of more than just you and your guests. 

While you and your partner are standing at the alter have the camera focus on the flowers or candles lining the aisle. Having you and your partner out of focus in the background will create a unique piece of art. 

Don’t forget the classic shot of your hands clasped together to highlight your rings. You can even get a snapshot of your shoes gracefully peeking out from under the gossamer of your gown. 

5. Family Wedding Photos Ideas

There are so many fun wedding photo ideas to do with your family and the wedding party. Have the groomsmen support the bride as she lounges in mid-air. Or take a funny one with the bridesmaids chasing after the groom with their bouquets.

A fun one is to get the whole family together and pose like you would for an album cover. Or you can pick a cast shot from your favorite film and try to recreate it with your wedding guests. If your wedding includes your furry family, don’t forget to ask your photographer to get some shots of them as well. 

In a more serious vein, take some time to pose for symbolic photos. A black and white close-up of the bride being kissed on the forehead by one of her parents as a symbol of their blessing is quite endearing. A photo of the groom sharing a dance with his mother is not only a special memory but also an excellent gift. 

6. Utilize Props

Some couples like to have a photo booth at their wedding where guests can take funny photos with props and costume pieces. It can also be fun to use some of these props in your actual wedding photos as well.

Use an umbrella to hide your face as you steal a romantic kiss under a weeping willow. Look away from the camera as you sit in a convertible decorated with a sign announcing your union. Take a photo through a frame such as a window, an interesting sculpture, or even your rings! 

7. Candid for the Win

No matter how many creative and posed wedding photo ideas you come up with you should always have a few that are unplanned. Loosen the reigns a little and let the photographer take some artistic liberties. Chances are they will catch some moments or perspectives that never crossed your mind. 

Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding photo ideas can be fun, serious, creative, and unique. They allow you to capture your wedding in a beautiful and artistic way. As you plan for your big day, take some time to think about how you would like to remember it. 

Make sure to communicate any must-have photos with the photographer beforehand. Then let loose and enjoy your special day with the person you love. 

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