7 Unique Birthday Party Activity Ideas

Think back to your childhood, when every birthday felt like some mystical new milestone. When kids and family members from all around would come and help you celebrate the day you came into the world. That is unless you were the poor kid who had no one show up. Or your birthday party happened to fall in the dead center of lockdown.

Nowadays, most adults and some children think of their birthday as just another day. It’s time to bring that old sense of magic back. Looking for birthday party activity ideas that aren’t yet another pizza party? We’ve got 7 that will help the child, teen, or adult in your life enjoy their special day.

1. Kids Birthday Party Idea: Little Learners Museum Trip

If you’re rolling your eyes, we get it. Museum trips can be the bane of a child’s existence, especially if they’re more tactile learners. However, if you find the right museum, you can give your child and their guests a chance to learn and have fun while they do it.

Research some local museums to see which ones offer hands-on science experiments and other immersive experiences. That type of birthday party activity will let the kids satisfy their curiosity and get some of their energy out in the process. Many childrens’ museums even have playgrounds available, so don’t ignore them out of hand.

2. Teenagers Birthday Party Idea: Girls’/Guys’ Night In

As a teenager, parents hosting a massive, themed party, especially at some outside location, can seem, in their words, kind of cringe. Unless that location is a theme park or some other equally expensive location. So, sometimes, the best birthday party activity you can offer them is time alone with their friends. Get them set up for a guys’ or girls’ night in, with food on the way and the run of the house.

That gives them time to bond and have fun with their peers, and you some much-needed time for yourself. Of course, make sure you run this by the other parents before you do this, and lock away the booze before you go.

3. Adult Birthday Party Idea: Map-Your-Own Bar Crawl

You don’t have to pay some other company to design a bar crawl for you. If you’ve got a thriving local restaurant and bar scene, pick out your favorites and start walking down the streets. You can try drinks, appetizers, desserts, whatever suits you best from each restaurant along the way. Just make sure that you have a designated driver or an Uber at the ready if you had to drive there.

Or, if you’re not the biggest fan of alcohol, you can nix that part and just go restaurant crawling. Get a delicious appetizer from that new Cali-Mex place, some hot wings from the sports bar, and dessert from the fancy Italian place. Either way, you’ll be full and have a great time exploring your local community while doing it.

4. Escape to an Escape Room

Escape rooms have become a massive birthday party activity smash for all age groups. While you’ll usually see them recommended for teens or older, there are some specifically geared towards kids. They might not appreciate the scary escape rooms, but kids love problem-solving activities and running.

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party for kids, teens, or adults, The Great Escape Room Queens has a setup that will work for you. Give them a call and see what fresh adventure they can cook up for your birthday party today!

5. Kids Birthday Party Idea: Backyard Camping Excursion

If your kid’s birthday comes in the fall, you don’t have to nix the idea of an outdoor party. One of the best birthday party activities for fall children is to turn your backyard into their personal camping grounds.

Teach them how to set up campfires and let them roast hot dogs and s’mores. Give them free rein to explore the yard and examine all the neat natural features that can be found right outside your home. Show them that they don’t have to go deep in the woods or to a nature park to experience a taste of the outdoors. 

Plus, what kid wouldn’t have fun telling spooky stories around a campfire?

6. Teenagers Birthday Party Idea: Time for a Film Screening

Is there a movie your teen has been dying to see, but theaters haven’t re-opened yet? Or perhaps movies and all their concessions are too expensive? If so, then you can easily use your streaming service subscription for good and host a film screening. You can provide them with popcorn, candy, and drinks, or have the teens bring their own.

This, like the night-in idea before, is a great way to give your teens some privacy while also letting them spend time with their friends and showing them that you care.

7. Adult Birthday Party Idea: Spa Time

If you were to ask an adult for their birthday party ideas, chances are, they’d list something to help reduce stress. There’s no better way to do that than a nice spa day. You don’t even have to pay for a birthday package at the local massage parlor unless you want to. 

Invest a little more in your usual moisturizers, grab some massage oil and cucumbers, and get set to relax in your own home. You’ll get the benefits of a full spa day without the added stress of coming up with the money to pay for a massive package.

And don’t let preconceived notions of masculinity stop you. Men can benefit just as much from this kind of spa day as women. Going to work refreshed the next day instead of hungover is a game-changer.

Looking for More Birthday Party Activity Ideas?

We hope the above 7 birthday party activity ideas gave you some inspiration to work from for your next birthday bash. However, if you still need more help coming up with a party plan, why not check out our blog? We update each day with more helpful and informative articles like this one.

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