7 Essential Tips for Being a Gentleman

Have you finished watching the latest James Bond movie? Is he the type of man you want to be? Do you not only want to look like James Bond but embody everything that he stands for?

You can! Being a gentleman is a worthwhile pursuit, even in this modern age, and anyone can be one.

Yes, male chauvinism and toxic masculinity are real issues. But to be a gentleman, you are actually shunning those harmful qualities. You are respecting and caring more for yourself and others. 

Does that sound intriguing? Want to learn how to be a gentleman? Read on to find out the top tips for being a gentleman that you need to know. 

1. Start by Developing a Polished Style

When you think of true gentlemen, what do they look like? They are likely wearing black-tie formal wear or some kind of blazer, brogues, and a briefcase. 

And many gentlemen look like this, but you don’t have to follow one set style. The key is to look polished. Here are some examples of how you can look more polished:

  • Don’t wear socks with holes in them
  • Do buy jeans without holes or acid wash
  • Don’t wear discolored clothing
  • Do iron every single item of clothing you own
  • Don’t wear anything with stains or weird smells
  • Do wear colors and patterns that work together
  • Don’t be afraid to make bold choices

So, wearing black-tie formal wear is fine but if you want to wear a blush pink velvet suit instead then go for it. It is also 100% okay to wear a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers during the day. 

And don’t worry about designer or luxury clothes. Being a gentleman is more about wearing the right clothes for the right occasion, being comfortable, and feeling confident. 

2. Find a Grooming Routine That Works

There’s no point in wearing clean, fresh clothing if you’re not clean! One of the most important gentleman tips is to keep on top of your personal hygiene.

You don’t need to wash your hair every day but you do need to shower every day. If you have a short hairstyle, visit your barber every four weeks. And if you have a beard, don’t let it grow out of control and invest in good grooming products.

Keep your nails trimmed, and it goes without saying but always wear deodorant. And a nice cologne on special occasions goes a long way if you are trying to impress your partner or attract a new one.

3. Chivalry Isn’t Dead But Being Creepy Is

Many men think that doing chivalrous acts like holding open doors and giving up your chair on subways are no longer okay. This is 100% wrong! Being polite is a rare virtue and you should strive to do all you can for others.

But developing strong masculine energy does not mean you need to assert your dominance at every opportunity. 

If someone rejects your attempt to be chivalrous, do not insist.  If someone does not want help carrying their groceries, leave them be, do not push and take away their autonomy. Channel a Daniel Craig version of James Bond, not a Roger Moore version. 

4. Keep a Tidy House and Office

Your clothes are neat, your personal hygiene is fresh, and you also need to be a tidy person in general. That means your house and your office space should be immaculate.

If you are not a clean person by nature, make a list of housekeeping tasks and set yourself a routine. Make a list of tasks that you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly. For example, you should tidy your space every day, do laundry every week, and dust your baseboards every month.

And if you struggle to keep on top of your cleaning, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to help.

5. Watch Your Language

If you rewatch those Bond films, you will notice that it is rare he ever says the “F” word. Being a gentleman means being polite at all times, so keep your cursing in check so you will never be offensive.

A true gentleman also doesn’t gossip or shame anyone for their appearance. Never raise your voice, do not talk over others, and always think before you speak.

6. And Watch Your Manners

Chivalry is one way to be polite, but there are so many other things you can do as a gentleman to show respect to others. Many of these social behaviors are common sense, but if you need a refresher, you should:

  • Say please when requesting and thank you when receiving
  • Respect other people’s property and replace things you break
  • Show respect for everyone from the busboys to the CEO
  • Show respect for other people’s privacy and boundaries
  • Close your mouth when you eat
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze

There are ways you can go above and beyond, too. If someone sneezes and you have a tissue to hand, offer them one. Or, if they start coughing you can get them a glass of water.

And if someone drops something as they are walking in front of you, always pick it up and run after them. There are dozens of opportunities to be polite and respectful every day and, as a gentleman, you should try and do as many as possible. 

7. Act With Integrity at All Times

The most important trait of a gentleman is to act with integrity. This means you are always honest and have a strong moral code.

Here are some examples:

  • Never make an appointment you don’t intend to keep
  • Always keep your promises
  • Write thank-you notes for every present and special favor 
  • Inform cashiers when they give you too much change
  • Always tip your servers well
  • Be patient and flexible with others

Being a person with integrity will not only allow you to help others, but you will also help yourself. If you have good morals and live by them, you will also have higher self-worth. 

Being a Gentleman in Today’s World

Being a gentleman in the 21st century does not look the same as it did in the 20th century. And that’s a good thing! But as long as you stick to your principles and hold yourself to high standards, then you can’t go far wrong.

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