7 Efficient Ways Of Increasing Space In Your House

Many homeowners often struggle to find enough space for their belongings. As families expand, accumulate seasonal items, and acquire more stuff over the years, there’s less room in their homes.

This problem is especially noticeable for folks in Forney, TX, who live in relatively small houses. To address this issue, many people in Forney have turned to renting self-storage units, which provide extra space to store their things.

Recent survey results show that 1 out of every 5 Americans now rents self-storage units, indicating a growing need for extra storage. Forney has experienced a significant increase in its population, with a growth rate of 6.29% from 2020 to 2023, expected to rise to 15.37% from 2023 to 2028. Because of this population increase, more and more people in Forney are finding themselves short on space, which will, eventually, lead to a higher demand for storage units.

In addition to self-storage, there are simple tricks you can use to make the most of the space you have at home. This article will explore easy ways to create more usable space in your house in Forney. Let’s begin.

Use Self Storage

Self-storage units are spaces you can rent to store items that won’t fit in your home. Many people use them when they run out of room but don’t want to move. These units come in various sizes to meet your needs, and you can access your belongings anytime. It provides extra space if your house feels too crowded.

Common items stored in these units include seasonal decorations, sports equipment, furniture, and more. If you’re in Forney, you have plenty of choices, but not all facilities offer excellent services. Just do a quick Google search for self storage in Forney TX to find the highest-rated options in the area and choose the one with the best amenities.

Utilize Unused Areas

To create more living space, consider finishing and repurposing neglected areas in your home. Many homes have unused spaces like basements, attics, or garages that hold potential for transformation. Converting one of these areas into a functional living space can significantly increase your usable square footage.

For instance, turning the basement into a kids’ playroom and a second family room instantly doubles your space for entertainment and activities. Refinishing the attic into a private bedroom or home office takes advantage of the ample unused overhead room.

Choose Dual-Purpose Furniture

Maximize your limited space by selecting furniture that serves multiple functions. Furniture that combines different purposes can double their usefulness. Ottoman coffee tables with hidden storage are a great example, providing both a surface area and concealed storage.

Chests that serve as coffee tables or end tables also function as storage units. Bunk beds allow two beds to occupy the space of one. Dual-purpose furniture consolidates functions to make the most of your floor space and enhances your usable living area.

Incorporate Multipurpose Built-Ins

Custom built-in features like cabinetry, shelving, and bench seating can add character while fulfilling various needs. Storage benches offer additional seating for guests while keeping clutter out of sight. Window seats create cozy sitting spots while making use of awkward niche spaces. Built-in bookcases serve two purposes: displaying items and dividing open floor plans.

Kitchen islands with lower cabinet storage and countertop workspace increase functional surface area. By making use of nooks and edges with built-in storage solutions tailored to your home’s unique layout and needs, you can unlock hidden usable space.

Embrace Minimalism and Declutter

Adopting a minimalist approach can be highly effective in a small home. Limit your possessions to only essential items that you regularly use. Go through every room and storage area and remove anything unnecessary. Clothes that no longer fit, out-of-style furniture, unused kitchen gadgets, and old electronics should be donated, sold, or recycled. Develop mindful shopping habits to avoid impulsive purchases of cute or discounted items. Stick to acquiring only necessary pieces that serve specific purposes.

Utilize Wall Space with Floating Shelves

Maximize your vertical wall space by installing floating shelves and wall-mounted organizational units. Unlike bulky traditional bookcases and utility shelves, shelving that mounts directly onto walls with brackets leaves the floor clear underneath. Floating shelves are perfect for displaying photos, art, accessories, and collections in living rooms, dens, and bedrooms, allowing you to showcase your style while staying organized.

Create Multifunctional Rooms

With creative furniture arrangements and layouts, you can make individual rooms serve multiple purposes as needed. Convert living rooms into extra bedrooms at night with fold-out sofa sleepers. Use a compact desk in the corner of the dining room to create a homework station or home office nook. Install ceiling-mounted room dividers to create distinct spaces for different functions within large open areas.

Think about multitasking! Finding ways for one room to fulfill different roles maximizes its usefulness and makes your home feel more spacious.


Feeling cramped at home doesn’t mean you’re out of options. Simple changes like decluttering, incorporating multifunctional furniture, and repurposing unused space can make a significant difference. Forney, TX, residents can also consider utilizing local self-storage for additional storage needs. With creativity and resourcefulness, you can make the most of every inch of your existing home and gain the extra room you need without expanding your current space.

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