7 Best Activities While You Are At Bandung Indonesia

Bandung is a town of punks and prayer, deep faith and extreme coffee. Listed below are lots of markets and great shopping, thriving pubs in retrieved Dutch relics, real heat and camaraderie on street corners, and visitors anywhere you look. Basically, everything awful and great about Indonesia could be discovered at Bandung.   

In Bandung is where you will find all of the outlets but you will want to lease a chauffeured automobile to observe the volcanoes, green plantations, along with household hotels situated to the south and north of town. To make it many ways simpler for you, we have arranged Bandung’s attractions below. Here they are:

Witnessing The Beauty of Volcano Crater in Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perahu is an active volcano situated about one hour and a half north-west of Bandung city centre. It’s possible to hike or ride into the border of the crater to observe the hot springs and boiling mud closely. As explained, you will want to arrange for a personal automobile charter to Tangkuban Perahu along with the other attractions.  

Another Natural Beauty At Kawah Putih Lake

This was one of the favourite stops in Bandung. Kawah Putih is among Mt. Patuha’s, just two craters situated about two hours south of Bandung downtown. It’s a crater lake with highly acidic water that regularly varies from powder blue to whitish-green to brown, depending on its sulfuric material and temperature. However, the sand and stones around the lake have been leached into a near white state because of their exposure to the lake’s acidic waters.

Holiday Well Spent At Dusun Bambu Resort

Dusun Bambu is a scenic resort in Lembang, about one hour north of fundamental Bandung. It is located in the foothills of both Mt. Burangrang contains several family-oriented actions like hanging planters, a human-made river, along with bamboo walking trails. Agoda). You are able to take a look at the Dusun Bambu site to learn more. Dusun Bambu Resort could be enjoyable if you are travelling with children but to tell the truth, we did not really like it much. It is a gorgeous location, and you are able to explore this with Klook whenever you make the reservation.

Inhale The Fresh Air At Tea Plantation

Driving through Ciwidey in the southern Bandung, you can’t resist but notice the lush undulating waves that go so far as the eye can see. These are the tea plantations which the Dutch colonists established from the 18th century. 

Experience The Lembang Floating Market

Lembang Floating Market is a charm similar in feel to Dusun Bambu Resort, although perhaps somewhat less polished. It isn’t a real floating market — the type you see in Bangkok — however a synthetic replica made for vacationers. You can go on boat rides around the lake and find many carnival-type attractions as well like merry-go-rounds and petting zoos.

Strolling Around Jalan Braga

Jalan Braga was one of my favourite places anywhere in Bandung. It’s an excellent tree-lined road with shops and cafes on both sides. Witnessing all the art deco buildings on this road can help you understand how Bandung made its “Paris of Java” nickname. Check out this image to determine how Jalan Braga appeared from the 1930s. Jalan Braga is an excellent spot to have a stroll and enjoy the city’s atmosphere. There are some enticing bars and restaurants here where you can encounter them for a quick drink and bite to eat. 

A Shopping Paradise

We did not do any shopping, but Bandung is well known for its numerous factory outlets selling designer clothes at considerable discounts. Google “where to go shopping in Bandung” and you’re gonna discover lots of results listing in Jalan Riau as well as the Dago area at the very top. 

Ready to start your getaway to Bandung? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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