6-Month Birthdays and Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Birthdays and anniversaries are the most celebrated events in households. As the year starts, people eagerly await the birthday and anniversary celebrations of their closest ones. And, to make the party more enthralling, party hosts are always on a lookout for new trends and ideas. One of the latest birthday and anniversary celebration trends that have got everyone fallen for it is the 6-months celebration. If you too are planning to follow the trend, here are your ideas on how to make it the perfect bash

1 Order a Cake: Whether it’s an anniversary or birthday, you cannot start the party without a cake. Now, it’s a 6-month celebration, so everything should complement that idea, even your cake design. Go for half-pound cake. The cake is in semi-circle shape symbolizing the 6-months frosted with buttercream or enrobed in fondant sheet. If you have a theme for the party, you can get the cake designed as per the theme. On the cake, you can get the message “Happy 6 Months” or “Half More To Go.” You can easily avail online cake delivery in Delhi of your half-pound of happiness wherever is the party.

  1. Photo-Shoot: Capturing moments have always been the central idea of birthday and anniversary bash. With the change in times and trends, the way moments are captured has modified. Now, is the trend of creative backdrops, props, and everything dreamy, so the photographs are magical. Similarly, you can have a photo booth setup. Balloon decorations that read “6 months.” If it’s a birthday, you can have a bunting decoration with words– it’s my ½ birthday, and for the anniversary you can go with “we are 6months old.” I am halfway to one and can also be written with balloons or on buntings. Display some photo props like a star or heart-shaped goggles, masquerade masks, kiss me, photo banner decoration, etc.
  2. Food Menu and Beverage: After the cake, it’s the food and drinks that are the centre of attraction. People are there for food, and you cannot deny the fact. Have a delicious and assorted food menu. From the snacks to the main course to desserts; have everything. Now, if you think a cake is enough for the dessert, then it’s not. You need to have additional desserts such as ice cream, cupcakes, macrons, hot chocolate, marshmallows. If it’s an anniversary party; you can have hard drinks but if it’s a kid’s 6-month birthday celebration, serve cold drinks and juices. Get creative with cutlery and decorating of the food table.
  3. Games and Play: After the food and cake cutting ceremony, there is ample time left for fun and play. Design kid-friendly games for the birthday bash or play some songs where the kids can be themselves and have fun like shark doo, nursery rhymes and some songs. If it’s an anniversary, design some couple games like Never Have I Ever, couple dance, dancing chair, and many such couple games.
  4. Return Gifts: On birthdays and anniversaries, return gifts are given as a vote of thanks and gratitude for the party attendees. As per the occasion, like a birthday or anniversary, you can decide on the return gifts. For toddlers and kids, goodie bags with chocolates, soft toys can be gifted. If it’s for an anniversary; give them a photo frame with their picture or any decor artefact.
  5. Venue: Home venues are ideal as of now for the celebrations. In the living room or terrace; you can organize the party. Rooftop parties are ideal for anniversaries, whereas the indoor setting is perfect for a kid’s birthday. You can choose a garden for a summer birthday or anniversary.

Have a Fantastic 6-month birthday and anniversary celebration!


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