6 Landscaping Tips for Beginners

If you are new to landscaping, you may be overwhelmed by all the information. With so many choices in plants, products, and tools, it is no surprise a beginner may be shocked at first. However, you want to ensure you do it right the first time and make your home have fantastic curb appeal. Thankfully, there are six tips that you can follow that will make the process not feel as daunting.

Get Organized with Plans and Tools

Firstly, before you go out and buy anything, you will want to create a list of your needs and wants for your landscaping project. Determine what plants you want to grow. Do you want vegetables, flowers, or shrubbery? Do you want an area where you can enjoy spending time outdoors with your loved ones? Asking these questions will help narrow down what you will need to purchase for your landscaping project.

Another great organizational tool for a beginner is to sketch out some of your ideas for landscaping. By doing this, you will help visualize what your project could potentially look like. You will need this in order to get the right tools and supplies for your project. Make a list of the kinds of tasks you will undertake before looking for tools from Greenworks retailers so you are fully equipped to make your landscaping dreams come to life.

Consider the Location

Next, you will want to consider your landscaping project’s location. Consider the sun and wind patterns to determine where to put certain items. For example, suppose you want a patio area to sit in and enjoy the outdoors. In that case, you may want to avoid places that get direct sunlight in the afternoons, especially if you plan to put a dining table and chairs so you can have dinners outside. Location matters more than many beginners realize when it comes to landscaping.

Start Small

The various shows on television may make it appear you can finish a landscaping project in just a few days, but the reality is it will most likely take you much longer. Especially since you most likely do not have a huge crew helping you. Instead of focusing on getting the project done as quickly as possible, take it easy, start small, and enjoy the process.

Maybe start with a simple flower bed, work on it for an hour or two, and do not focus on filling everything up with various plants immediately. Taking your time with a landscaping project, especially a do-it-yourself project, leads to a more fulfilling experience and ensures everything is done correctly the first time.

Determine the Focal Point

Any landscaping design should include a focal point in the design. It can be whatever you determine it to be. Some ideas are a sculpture, a series of shrubs, or a beautiful tree. Whatever it is, it will draw your and any of your future guests’ eyes, so be sure it is what you want.

Prioritize Scaling and Pacing

Probably the trickiest part of landscaping is the principle known as scale and pacing which ultimately gives your yard that finished, pulled-together look. With the various shapes, sizes, and colors of the plants used for landscaping, it is vital to understand how to scale and pace these plants correctly. For example, taller plants will likely be planted against a building or in the back of a flowerbed.

When landscaping, finding the balance between new elements and repetition in your garden is essential. Repetition is good, but you do not want it to become boring. Adding new features to your landscaping will keep it from becoming a one-note garden.

Keep an Open Mind

Finally, during this entire process, remember to keep your mind open. Be receptive to a possible change to your landscaping plans. Unless you are one hundred percent sold on something, be honest with yourself and admit what is working and what is not working regarding your original design. It is perfectly alright to edit your project as you go.

At the end of the day, patience is key when it comes to starting in the world of landscaping. Following these tips will help your landscaping project not seem so overwhelming.

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