5 Ways YouTube Ads Can Help Build Your Channel


If you’ve been searching for new ways to boost traffic to your Youtube channel but don’t seem to be having any luck, there are several strategies proven to be effective. One of the most popular and worthwhile approaches is using a Youtube ad strategy to gain followers. 

According to a study from ThinkwithGoogle, over 90% of research participants found new products online through Youtube. With the ability to reach that many people through a social media platform, the brand building opportunities are endless. 

Keep reading this comprehensive guide to learn how to use Youtube ads to build your channel and gain followers effectively. 

1. Access New Markets

One of the most significant reasons Youtube ads can boost traffic to your channel is by reaching new markets and expanding your brand’s reach. 

Youtube ads is a relatively flexible platform. You can start running ads whenever, adjust as needed, and end them when you want. As you gather information on the ads, you will have a better idea of how to adjust your target market in order to accelerate results.

2. Data Analysis

As your Youtube ad runs, it will gather data on the individuals viewing the ad and generate a metrics report for you to view and utilize. The ad insights will include:

  • Impressions – The number of ad views to potential consumers.
  • Views – How many people viewed at least 30 seconds (or the entire ad if less).
  • View Rate – The rate at which individuals viewed your ad, expressed as a percentage.
  • Cost-per-view – How much the ad costs when someone interacts with it for at least 30 seconds.

You can view several more metrics that will help you determine if the ad is adequate or if a change is needed. 

3. Ad Formatting

Youtube gives you so many different options to format your ad, giving you the freedom to express your brand the way it should be expressed. 

A few of the popular ad formats include: 

  • In-Stream – This type of ad format is displays before the user’s video plays. The video will give an option to skip after 5 seconds.
  • Discovery – Plays on the side of the current user’s video. Users can then decide to click on your video and watch it.
  • Bumper ads – A shorter version of the ad, less than 6 seconds, cannot be skipped.

Once you decide on the format, you can then add other fun options and elements to make your ad come to life. 

4. Ad Strategy

Developing a Youtube strategy for your ad is critical for the success of the ad. A Youtube ad strategy can help you reach a new target audience and better interact with your current market. By taking advantage of all the tools Youtube ads has to offer, you can focus on brand building and growing your market.

Growing Your Brand With Youtube Ads

Youtube ads is a powerful tool you can use to promote business and reach a whole new group of like-minded people. There are so many people viewing videos on Youtube every day, the possibilities are endless. Once you start Youtube marketing, you will discover the best methods that work for you and your user base. 

To learn more about growing your brand and other helpful information for your business, check out our blog!

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