5 Tips to Pick The Best Theatre Show

Attending a live theatre show is a great and popular way to experience the arts. More than 14 million people flocked to see broadway shows alone in a recent season. It’s not just plays, but musical theatre and musical shows that people love to attend.  

With so many choices at so many theatres, what are the best theatre events to attend? 

Here are the top 5 tips for picking the best theatre show.

1. Picking the Best Theatre Show Beings With Some Research

Start by researching theatre events that are playing in your town. Check out ads in the local newspaper or call the local performing arts center. The best theatre shows at your local performing arts center typically host a season of theatre events with various dates.

Read the arts section of a major metropolitan newspaper and find out what’s hot. What are people going to see? This is a good guide to discovering what is popular on the national stage. 

Peoria, Illinois, may not be a major metropolitan city, but the Scottish Rite Theatre is a great example of an outstanding local theatre. 

Don’t live in a big or medium-sized city? Consider what is within driving distance of your home. 

2. Choose Classic Theatre Shows

From Shakespeare to modern musical theatre, classic titles are among the best theatre shows. Many are timeless and still enjoyed by audiences today. 

Did you miss musical theatre titles that won multiple awards? Many of those shows are still playing with touring companies around the country. 

For the first-time theatre-goer, classic titles typically don’t disappoint. And because they are popular, you can read the storyline ahead of time, so you don’t get lost in the production. 

3. Consider the Production Company

Production companies tour the country presenting some of the best theatre shows. Musical theatre shows that tour, have the look and feel of a show as if it were right on broadway! In some cases, you can even see a big-named celebrity performing! 

Many small and mid-sized communities have their own production companies. They put on some great musical shows and theatre events, often with people you may know living right in your community!  

4. Stick to What You Like

Are you a fan of musical theatre? Or do you enjoy a dramatic play instead?

Sticking to what you like is often the best way to enjoy theatre events. People who enjoy theatre music shows often see them constantly, avoiding dramatic play. Others are just the opposite. 

Others don’t like serious musicals because they like something fun and uplifting. They want uptempo musical shows with a positive storyline. 

5. Stay Within Your Budget 

Theatre events can be pricey, but they don’t have to break the bank. 

Consider buying a package plan for a season of theatre events. You will save money on each performance. You will also support your local performing arts center!

How to Pick the Best Theatre Show

When picking the best theatre show, do some research, choose classic shows, and consider the production company. Also, stick to what you like and stay within your budget.

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