5 Signs That You Need to Consult a Marriage Counselor

Marriages made in heaven also have their own struggles. Some have a larger share that gets compounded with a lack of understanding. The understanding between partners makes the bond stronger, but if there is discord and things get out of hand, it is better to get help from a marriage counselor at Therapeute Montreal who can advise you how to get the marriage to work.

If you see the following signs in your married life, it is probably time to see a counsellor:


  • When Your Communication Is Going Downhill


If your communication centers around small talk but the important topics are never discussed or if both of you are not talking to each other or always talking with a negative undertone trying to put the other partner in the wrong, it takes its toll on the relationship. A marriage is based on communication and a therapist can help you communicate better.


  • When You See Each Other as Rivals 


If you feel that both of you are competing against each other, something is wrong. It is not a fight for power or authority over the other person, either. You are players on the same side and at the same level. If it doesn’t feel like that, you could be needing help. A loss of affection due to this competitive behavior definitely needs the help of a counselor.


  • When You Start Hiding Things


Expecting privacy and having secrets are two completely different things. When you start keeping information from your partner, it is a sign of discord. You could be hiding an extra-marital relationship or you could be keeping away financial details from your partner. If there is a situation where you feel you must hide things, it’s time to visit a professional who can guide you towards a more fulfilling marriage.


  • When You Want Your Partner to Change


Sometimes, small things about your partner irritate you and you feel that things would be better only if your partner could change. This is not likely to work out as you can only change yourself. Reach out to a counselor for understanding how you can put in an effort from your side to make it work. Despite that, if things don’t work out, you can approach a marriage counselor as a couple to find better ways to relate.


  • When You Are Living as Two Separate Individuals


Two people living their own lives indicates a lack of communication, affection, and consideration and indicates a marriage on the rocks. With help from a counselor, you can get back to being the affectionate couple that you used to be when you started out. 

Couples do go through ups and downs in their relationship, but it does not mean the end of the relationship. There are ways to save the marriage and bring it back on track if you have someone to guide you

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