5 Myths of Hemp Flower Plants that Need to be Debunked

For decades, hemp flower plants have been severely misunderstood by people. Owing to limited research and information, there have been many myths associated with these life-enhancing drugs. However, with changing times and blooming of research studies in favor of these compounds, people are looking forward to their usage.

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But still many people are plagued with false assumptions that plant-based products produce an adverse impact on their health, and that is not at all true! Despite the efforts of brands like Cheefbotanicals which try to offer insightful guides, many users are still skeptical about these organic compounds. Hence, addressing this issue, through this article, we try to debunk some popular myths associated with these flowering plants.

Hemp Flower Plants have psychoactive nature: A plant’s psychoactive nature is determined by the presence of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content in its composition. The larger the proportion of THC, the higher is a psychoactive nature. But, when it comes to this organic compound, it has only 0.3% of THC content. Thus, being non-psychoactive, the plant-based product consumption won’t give you a feeling of being high.

Usage of hemp plant-based products is illegal: In accordance with the legal framework, some countries have legalized the usage of hemp-based plant products. Perhaps, the relatively low level of THC content has marked this organic compound to be safer for human consumption. To be extra sure, you can always opt to buy products from a credible brand.

The Flowering Plant can have long term side-effects: As opposed to other alternatives, this life-enhancing drug is relatively free from long term side-effects. There have been health research studies that support the usage of such drugs for their therapeutic properties. Additionally, the plant-based drug is non-addictive which eradicates the risk of any kind of drug dependence in the long run.

Marijuana and Hemp are the same: This myth stems from the fact that both the plants have similar appearances. However, in reality, the same parental origin plants largely differ on various grounds. You can visit https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-difference-between-Hemp-and-Cannabis-Marijuana resource to understand the differences. Perhaps, it will certainly debunk your misconception that marijuana and hemp are one and the same.

Hemp has limited uses: A lot of people think that hemp flowers have just one purpose to serve however, that is not true. Every part of this compound can be used for one thing or the other. There is a lot of industrial usage of it. The plant can be processed and used in a variety of ways.

Hemp destroys the soil: As opposed to the popular belief, hemp flowers actually enrich the soil with vitamins and minerals suitable for the growth. Under no circumstances, this plant tends to make the soil dull or barren. It’s a widely believed myth. The roots of the plant aerate the soil as well as prevent soil erosion to a large extent.

It is not durable: Opposing to that, it is largely used in the fabric industry because ofits extremely durable. In comparison to cotton, hemp lasts way longer and hence is termed as one of the most durable substances. It is indeed a great choice for the textile industry.

All the CBD are the same: This is false. All the Led Grow Lights is not the same.  CBD that is extracted from the other plants may have great effects only because of the fact that it must have interacted with other compounds namely – fatty acids, cannabinoids, flavonoids and so on if you wish to read more about it, you can read here to understand the difference as well. There are a lot of other factors that make one of them different from each other.

While a lot of us prefer a homegrown consumption of Hemp Flower, still the market is loaded with them, especially for the ones who cannot invest time in growing them or don’t have enough space to do so. However, make sure you consult an expert before moving ahead with any substance & get a thorough medical check-up done and disclose your medical history as well.

There are ample of purposes in which it can be used. Hemp flower is truly a blessing if used responsibly and correctly.

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