5 Most Dangerous Foods Your Budgie Should Never Eat

Your budgie is what you feed it on. Therefore, it’s critical to pay special attention to its diet if you don’t want to lose your avian pet. That’s why an expert pet site like Home Pet Help advises against feeding your avian pet on human food.

So, why is it risky to give your budgie human food, and what should you feed it on instead? It’s worth noting that these avian pets eat legumes, nuts, vegetables, pellets, mixed seeds, and some fruits. You can visit an expert pet site to learn more about other safe foods to give your bird. These foods provide your pet with essential nutrients and energy to carry them through the day.

Thus, other foods, particularly those this post will shortly discuss, are toxic to these beautiful pet birds. Here are the five most toxic foods that should never enter your budgie’s body. Keep reading.

  1. Chocolate

Just like humans, birds find chocolate an irresistible temptation. Besides, any other food containing chocolate equally tempts budgies. However, these foods are highly poisonous to these pets. They can make your pet vomit, hyper-inactive, suffer seizures, and even die. So, next time the bird salivates at your chocolate, don’t give in to its cravings. Instead, offer it some sugary fruit papaya or mangoes.

  1. Salt

Salt is another deadly food you should keep away from your budgie’s beak. When it comes to your bird’s diet, treat salt the same way you would treat dairy feeds. Always remember the saying, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Why? Because what is delicious and nutritious to you could be fatal to your bird.

The smallest salt amounts could harm your pet. Even a few pieces of salted chips could be injurious because their salt content can interfere with your pet’s fluid and electrolyte balance. Results? Your pet could end up dehydrated, suffering kidney failure, and even dying. So, stay away from this temptation unless you want to gamble with your pet’s life.

  1. Avocado

Avocados are a tantalizing and healthy human treat. Avocado leaves have persin, a chemical that kills fungi in the plant. However, its ingestion can harm your pet. The chemical can damage the bird’s heart and respiratory system. Eventually, the pet can become weak and suffer acute breathing difficulties.

4.   Onion and Garlic

Don’t risk your budgie’s health and life by feeding it on garlic and onions. These two vegetables are toxic in cats and dogs. Further, their powder and soup forms could injure your pet even more than raw garlic and onions. These two vegetables have poisoned geese to death.

5.   Fruit Pits and Apple Seeds

Apples in their diced form are fine for your avian pet. However, their seeds have cyanide you need to remove before feeding them to your pet. Cherry pits and peaches also contain cyanide your bird can chew. Avoid them altogether because they can poison your bird to death.

Now you have the facts at your fingertips regarding the five most dangerous human foods you should never give your budgie. So, avoid them if you want to enjoy a longer relationship with your little avian pet.

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