5 Key Tips for Starting a Nursing Home

The nursing home industry is booming. There are more than 15,000 homes in the United States. They house 1.3 million residents, providing them care and safety they lacked at home. 

If you want to help older Americans, you should start a nursing home. But you can’t just buy a building and expect to be successful.

You need to get some work done first. Don’t worry. Once you know some basic tips for starting nursing homes, you can get yours up and running.

Here are five essential tips. 

1. Conduct Market Research 

Many nursing homes operate within a major metropolitan area. Consider putting your new nursing home in a suburb or rural area. This will give you less competition. 

If you plan on staying in a city, do some research about your competition. Take notes on how they price their services and market themselves. Develop a business model with cheaper rates and a different brand. 

2. Find a Location With the Right Size 

If your facility is too small, you will not be able to house residents and make a lot of money. But if it is too big, you will spend money on air conditioning and lighting you are not using. 

Shop around to different building sites. Pick a building with open areas for resting, dining, and visiting. But make sure you have enough bedrooms and areas for staffers. 

3. Find a Way to Stand Out

You need to stand out from your competition and encourage reluctant seniors to want to use your services. You can do this by catering to a specific demographic, like veterans. 

You can offer services that no one else is offering. Art therapy works for many seniors, yet few homes offer it. 

4. Get the Perfect Staffers

Federal regulations require all nursing homes to have enough medical professionals to provide care to all residents. You must hire a team of registered nurses and doctors, including psychiatrists. 

Recruit from local hospitals and medical schools. Hire applicants with previous experience and a passion for eldercare. Run background checks and do not hire anyone who refuses to consent to drug tests. 

5. Advertise 

You can use cheap or free services to promote your nursing home. Many older people use social media, especially Facebook.

Start a Facebook page and run ads targeting local users. Visit this website to develop a website that offers information on your facility. 

Many older people read newspapers, so run advertisements in those. Try to avoid television ads, which can be expensive. 

The Five Tips to Join the Nursing Home Industry

The nursing home industry is calling your name. Get started on your home by doing some market research.

Find a place where you won’t have competition. But make sure your facility isn’t too big or small. 

Distinguish your home in some way. You can serve a particular group of people, or you can offer special services.

Hire staffers with experience. Then turn to the public. Run advertisements on social media and in print, and start your own website. 

Get the facts and you can get past your competition. Follow our coverage for more business guides. 

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