5 Faith and Family Movies You Should Watch

Are you ready for your kids to dive deeper into their faith?

Sitting down with some popcorn and a good movie is a great way to spend quality family time with your kids. However, many parents today seek movies that are both educational and inspiring. Any parent can introduce faith, but it’s up to their kids to cultivate it.

How do you help your child on their religious journey?

The answer is to speak to them through a medium they can understand and enjoy. This article covers five faith and family films to watch with your kids. Read on to find a movie that’s perfect for your next movie night.

  1. Prince of Egypt Animated Film

Kids are often more drawn to cartoons and animated films. If you’re looking for a faith and family movie that is easy to digest, try Prince of Egypt. This movie is also a great way to introduce the Old Testament to your kids.

As the title entails, Prince of Egypt follows the story of Moses. The Egyptian prince discovers his roots as a Jewish slave. After Jochebed let him float down the river, he was then found and raised by the Pharoah’s daughter.

The Prince of Egypt follows Moses’ quest to liberate the Israelites. This is a biblical story that kids are sure to enjoy. If you’re looking for a new animated family show, watch veggietales with Pureflix.

  1. Chronicles of Narnia

Though the Chronicles of Narnia may seem like a fantasy movie, it is also based on Christian belief. The Chronicles of Narnia is an allegory of the Christian narrative. We follow four siblings who have moved into a new home to get away from the 1940 London bombings.

When they find a wardrobe in an abandoned room, they find themselves in the world of Narnia. It’s up to the four siblings to save Narnia and its inhabitants from the evil ice witch. Along with four siblings is a lion who goes by the name Aslan.

  1. Miracles from Heaven

Miracles from Heaven is a true story about a young girl who encounters a near death experience. Inflicted with a terminal disorder, the film follows Annabel. She and her family struggle with both hospital visits and their faith.

  1. Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

Ever wondered where your church’s gospel music comes from? Hillsong tells the story about the real-life Christian band. If you’re looking for a musical film for the family enjoy, look for Hillsong: Let Hope Rise.

  1. A Dog’s Purpose

What better way to a kid’s heart than through the eyes of a dog. Though this may not be a hardball Christian movie, it follows the same values. A Dog’s Purpose tells the story of a dog named Bailey who tackles what it means to be man’s best friend.

This is a humorous dog film with a heartfelt message. If your kids love dogs, this is the film for you.

Faith and Family Movies for Your Next Movie Night

Here are five great faith and family movies to watch with your kids. Becoming a faith-based family will help you raise kids with good morals and values. Whether you’re looking for films about the Bible or something light-hearted, these are some great options.

Looking for more movie recommendations? Check out our other blog posts for more movie night ideas.

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