5 Best Bike Taxi Services in India

Commuting by the roads of Urban India is never easy. Never-ending traffic jams, irritating honks, congested roads…, and daily commuters living in an Indian metro city has to bear all these to reach their destination. Despite being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, India still finds itself a place among the worst-hit countries suffering from traffic congestion.

Though the accessibility of vehicles has been sorted out by introducing cab rentals, shared cabs and scooter rentals, driving through the traffic can be exhausting for many. However, bike-taxis or scooter-sharing startups can be a viable alternative that can reduce congestion in the busy roads.

With the rising demand, the number of scooter rentals and bike taxi services is growing. However, here are the key players of the field:

Rapido – Rapido holds the title of first and fastest-growing Bike Taxi app in India. One of the pioneers of the bike-taxi service industry, Rapido, has its presence in many cities including Bangalore, Gurgaon, Patna and Hyderabad, among others. Founded by Aravind Sanka, Pavan G, and Rishikesh SR, the Bangalore based startup has already recorded 10 million happy customers and 100 million rides. The company offers doorstep pickup, affordable fares and faster rides for their customers. The bike taxi app has also recorded over 25 million downloads from 100+ cities across the country.

UberMoto – After the massive success of its cab service, the company has expanded its services by offering bike taxi services under the name UberMoto. The bike taxis were introduced as a new line of the company’s innovation in 2016. The scooter taxi service by uber have completed more than 2 million trips within a year of its launch and offers its services in more than 11 cities across the country. UberMoto can be booked through its app, just like uber cabs and uber cabs.

Ola Bikes – Just like uber, the cab service giant Ola launched its bike taxi service wing under the name Ola bikes in 2016. Established as a last-mile mobility solution in Gurugram, Faridabad and Jaipur, Ola Bikes now extends its presence in various cities across the country. To book an Ola Bike Taxi, you should select the bike category in the menu, and follow the same steps that you use to book a cab.

Bikxie – Bikxie was among the first startups in the country to launch the bike taxi services alongside Rapido. Launched in 2015 November, Bikxie now caters last mile transport and logistics requirements in more than 20 cities across the country. Bikxie is one of the few startups that offer separate bike taxi services for men and women. Bikxie Pink for women which has women drivers and Bikxie Blue brigade operated by male drivers for men. Bixie also serves as a bike rent app.

Baxi – Baxi was one among the first startups to offer the bike taxi services in India. It is primarily Gurgaon based and offers services in the city. Though the startup was launched as a bike taxi service, it expanded its operations to offer hyperlocal delivery as well.


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