4 Practical Reasons Why Now is the Time to Start Gathering Home Care Info Brentwood TN

Your loved one may be older, but he or she is still going strong. Even so, you’ve noticed a few changes that indicate the day may be coming when some help is needed. Rather than waiting until things can get worse, now is the time to start collecting home care info Brentwood TN and deciding where to seek help when the time comes. Here are some signs that it would be a good idea to start looking at local agencies today. 

A Decline in Personal Hygiene

It’s not noticeable to many people right now, but there does seem to be less interest in maintaining personal hygiene. It’s little things like days when showers are skipped, or times when the hair hasn’t seen a comb for a day or two. While it’s not all that bad, it is a difference from the way your loved one usually takes care of things. 

It may be more than a relaxed attitude toward hygiene. This is often a sign that it’s getting more difficult to take care of things like bathing and grooming. Perhaps someone who could come in and help with those tasks would help your loved one to feel better about his or her appearance. 

Forgetting is More Common

Everyone forgets now and then, but it does seem to be happening more often lately. Your loved one does keep a calendar, but things don’t always get written in. The result is that a meeting for dinner was missed recently, as well as forgetting to pay a bill. 

Watch closely and see if the issue seems to be getting worse. If so, a care giver who can help keep up with scheduled events will make a big difference.  Everything is covered in a timely manner, which reduces problems for your loved one. 

It’s Harder to Move Around

While it’s not time to order a walker or a wheelchair, there is a noticeable decline in how quickly your loved one can move around. Getting out of a chair takes more effort, and the idea of sitting on the floor is impossible. Even tasks like walking to the kitchen have to be done with more care. 

As you collect home care info Brentwood TN, focus on care givers who can help those who are finding it harder to move around. That type of care giver may have some techniques that help with aches and pains, and can ensure there’s someone close by in case your loved one should lose his or her balance. 

Simple Tasks Are Getting Harder

Your loved one has always taken pride in being independent. There didn’t seem to be anything he or she couldn’t do. That’s not the way it is any longer. Some tasks require more energy or dexterity than your loved one possesses. Even so, the effort is still made.

In order to ensure your loved one remains safe, a live-in care giver who can take care of those tasks is a smart move. Everything still gets done, but there is no longer the struggle and the potential for over-exertion. 

Many changes begin in small ways, then increase over time. If you notice that something is beginning to happen, start looking into options for home care now. It could turn out to be just what’s needed to ensure your loved one is safe and happy. 

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