4 Casual Style Tips for Men to Remember

4 Casual Style Tips for Men to Remember

In order to become a fashionable man, there are several things you need to remember. Here are 4 of our best style tips for men.

How tall are you?

In America, the average guy is about 5 ft and 9 in tall. Your exact height plays a big role in the way you should wear your clothes.

Shorter men should avoid wearing loose-fitting clothes and bold patterns. Tall men should take an opposite approach by taking advantage of patterns and textures and wearing long shirts.

Along with fitting your height, your wardrobe also needs to match your personality. Read on to learn the best style tips for men, for, however, you want to look.

1. Choose the Right Hair Style

When you’re learning how to be fashionable, start with your hair. If you’re looking for a casual style, consider a bald fade–it’s perfect for any age.

Bald fades will give you a bright appearance, and you can customize it however you like. A high bald fade gives you a bold statement, while a low bald fade is sleek and subtle.

If you want a longer haircut, consider getting a blowout. A blowout will give your hair a windblown, wild appearance. Taking advantage of an entire volume top, blowouts require faded or short sides.

For a timeless, relaxed vibe, consider getting box braids. You can get whatever length or sizes you want, and they’re perfect for square-shaped hair division. Cornrows are another great braid option, helping give you a distinctive style.

Another style that’s easy to wear and maintain would be a buzz cut. You won’t have to worry about any day-to-day touch-ups, just frequent trims whenever your hair starts to grow. Authentic cattle hats always pair well with a buzz-cut style.

2. Get Inspiration and Expert Advice

Not sure what hairstyle is right for you? Start looking at celebrity photos. Looking at your favorite characters, or the celebrities who play them can help give you the inspiration you need. It’s also helpful if you reach out to a hairstylist.

Hairstylists are happy to share their expertise with you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Let them know what type of style you’re thinking about, and find out if they have any input. Ask questions about how much day-to-day maintenance the hairstyle requires and whether or not any type of face can pull it off.

Different face shapes affect hairstyles in different ways. Plus, finding out whether a hairstyle is lower in high maintenance is a great thing to know ahead of time. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to mess with their hair in the morning, get a simple cut.

3. Best Footwear for Men’s Fashion

Continuing our fashion tips, let’s talk about the shoes every man needs to have in his closet. You can start by securing a pair of boat shoes.

Boat shoes use a moccasin design, and they’re perfect for casual outfits. However, you should avoid wearing your boat shoes with bootcut jeans since they’ll just look weird.

Espadrilles are another great casual shoe. Stay away from any patterns or designs.

Instead, choose shoes with solid colors. Why? Solid colors mean you’ll be able to pair the shoes with more outfits, and they’re a more mature choice.

For dressy occasions, it helps to have a pair of penny loafers on hand. Penny loafers are a relaxed type of dress shoe and look great with summer suits.

You should also invest in a few pairs of name-brand sneakers. Nike Air Jordan, Adidas Tubular, Converse, Old-School Vans, and any pair of Yeezys are a great start.

Along with iconic sneakers, you should also have a couple of pairs of traditional tennis shoes. A solid-colored low-top pair of suede or leather tennis shoes will do the trick. You can wear your standard tennis shoes with casual office wear outfits.

Speaking of office shoes, every man should also own a pair of cap-toe Oxfords. Oxfords are great for on-the-job, weddings, and any type of black-tie event.

We suggest stocking up on a couple of pairs of Oxfords, in a variety of colors. You can have a light and dark brown pair, along with a fun blue pair.

4. How To Be Fashionable in a T-shirt

Are you wondering how to be fashionable in a T-shirt? It all starts with finding the correct type of material.

The best T-shirt materials for men will be 100% cotton, spandex cotton blends, polyester-cotton blends, or premium cotton. Cheap materials fade quickly and don’t breathe. Whereas quality cotton, or cotton blends, will work much better.

When it comes to style tips for men, pay attention to the way your shirts lay on your body. The shoulders of your T-shirt shouldn’t be too broad. Shirts shouldn’t go past where your shoulder ends, and your arm starts.

The shirt doesn’t have to land perfectly on your shoulder bone, but it also shouldn’t be spilling onto your upper arm. Pay attention to the length and width of the sleeves too. The sleeves need to stop about halfway between your elbow and your armpit.

If your sleeves are too close to your elbow, it’ll make your arms look smaller than they are. As far as the torso goes, you’ll want to lose, but not too loose, fit. You should be able to pinch a couple of inches of the t-shirt on each side, and if you can’t, the shirt is too tight.

Does your shirt reach all the way to the bottom of your fly? Then it’s too long.

When a shirt is too long, it’s going to make you look shorter than you are. The shirt needs to land about 1 and 1/2 to 3 in the past your waistband, not any further.

As far as fits go, you can look for a timeless, boxy, or even muscle fit. Having a blend of different colors and fits is a great way to keep your wardrobe exciting.

Working With Style Tips for Men

Out of all the style tips for men in this article, remember to stay true to yourself. If you try to force a style that you don’t like, it won’t work.

The true art of manliness is knowing who you want to look like, and going for it. Start getting honest with yourself today and decide on 3 things you could do to upgrade your wardrobe.

You’re worth the time and money it takes to have a wardrobe you love. For more ways to be the best you, read another blog post.

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