11 Drooling Local Dishes in Banyuwangi

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In addition to traveling to popular tourist attractions, you will also want to try various special foods in the city you are visiting. Local food recommendations in Banyuwangi will give you a different culinary experience with delicious and interesting flavors. What foods should you taste while on vacation to Banyuwangi? Find the answer below.

  • Pecel Pincuk “Bu Tin”

The culinary tour that you must visit is Pecel Pincuk Bu Tin. Although this place is only a simple restaurant in a village, its food will not disappoint. This dish is healthy-like food because it serves a variety of veggies with natural ingredients. You may also request toppings according to your taste if you want to, starting from fried chicken gizzard, fried eggs, fried chicken, and other side dishes.

  • Sego Cawuk Banyuwangi

For those of you who want to eat typical Banyuwangi cuisine that has a distinctive taste, take the time to stop by the Cawuk Banyuwangi restaurant. Sego Cawuk is a dish with rice with roasted young corn mixed with cucumber, chili, and tamarind. This dish has a refreshing spicy and sour taste.

  • Pecel Rawon “Ayu” Banyuwangi

If you pass by Adi Sucipto street in Banyuwangi, do not forget to stop by Pecel Rawon Ayu Banyuwangi. That’s because there are restaurants that serve very delicious Banyuwangi specialties. Pecel Rawon Ayu Banyuwangi is a restaurant that serves Pecel Rice with delicious rawon sauce. To make it more delicious, you can add fried tofu, prawn crackers, and empal meat, making it even more delicious.

  • Tahu Petis and Coconut Ice “Pak Agus”

Other culinary attractions that you can find in Banyuwangi are Tahu petis and pak agus coconut ice. At this location you can enjoy Tahu Petis with a jumbo size. The combination of petis, salt, and green chilies will make you can’t get enough of it. Besides enjoying the very delicious Tahu Petis, you can also enjoy the coconut ice drink. Combining coconut ice with Tahu Petis will make you not forget your vacation moments in Banyuwangi City.

  • Kiki Genteng Meatballs, Banyuwangi

Kiki Genteng Meatballs Banyuwangi is a delicious dish in Banyuwangi which is quite recommended. Because in this place you can enjoy the taste of delicious meatballs. This place is always crowded with visitors, especially on Eid days and long holidays. So if you come to Banyuwangi during that time period, you have to be a little patient.

  • Bakso ‘Hamil’ Sampai ‘Beranak’ Super Jumbo

In addition to Kiki Genteng meatballs, a delicious meatball dish in Banyuwangi that has become tourists favorite is ‘Bakso Hamil Sampai Beranak Super Jumbo’. However, what makes the difference from other meatball stalls is the size of the meatballs that will amaze you. That’s because the meatballs here are really big and inside it you can find other small meatballs and eggs. The meatballs here can reach 1 kg weight.

  • Sego Bungkus “Bu Poer”

Banyuwangi culinary Sego Bungkus “Bu Poer” is one of the typical dishes from Banyuwangi. Sego wrap is rice wrapped in banana leaves with a variety of different side dishes. You can choose side dishes such as stir-fried firecrackers, sea fish, omelettes and others. In addition, you can also choose various types of rice, such as corn rice, brown rice, and yellow rice.

  • Spicy Lodeh Koro

For those of you who are fans of spicy food, it is mandatory to visit the Lodeh Koro Pedes culinary tour when traveling to Banyuwangi. That’s because this restaurant serves a delicious spicy menu. A special menu that is a typical food from Banyuwangi, namely Lodeh Koro Spicy. This food consists of koro fruit mixed with chili and other spices.

  • Nasi Tempong Mbak Nah

The recommended restaurant that you must visit when traveling to Banyuwangi is Nasi Tempong Mbak Nah. There is a traditional Banyuwangi food available, namely Nasi tempong.

Nasi tempong is a typical Banyuwangi food made from rice with various fresh vegetables such as basil, fresh vegetables, and cucumber. Tempong rice is usually served with side dishes such as chicken offal and omelette.

  • Pondok Rujak Soto

Stop by Banyuwangi, don’t forget to taste the salad soto. You can stop by the Pondok Rujak Soto stalls located in various downtown Banyuwangi. It tastes very delicious.

Rujak Soto is a combination of cingur salad with beef soup. The combination of the two is delicious and guaranteed to spoil the stomach.

  • Rantinem Spicy Chicken

Fans of spicy cuisine should try the menu sold by Rantinem Spicy Chicken. Spicy chicken rantinem provides grilled chicken culinary food that is spicy and has an unquestionable taste.

The combination of spicy and delicious flavors will make you addicted to the taste. This restaurant is constantly very crowded with customers, especially during lunch.

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