10 Pool Fence Screening Ideas That Fuse Safety and Aesthetics


After years of wishing and patiently saving up, you now have a swimming pool in your own home where your family can enjoy basking under the sun during summertime. Aside from the obvious leisure and entertainment benefits, you can also enjoy the added visual appeal to your backyard and overall increase in the value of your home.

However, as much as you would like to freely enjoy swimming all day long in your pool, there might be times when you might feel exposed to your nosy neighbours. You might also worry about your family’s safety around deep waters, especially your children’s. Fortunately, with the right pool fence, you can effectively block off neighbour’s eyes and enclose areas that can endanger the lives of your family while still looking aesthetically pleasing.

Curious how? Here are 10 pool fence screening ideas that both fuse safety and aesthetics.

10 Types of Pool Fence Screening for Your Home

1.     Metal Pool Fence

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Pool privacy fences made of metal is a modern and stylish solution for your backyard. It may cost a bit expensive upfront but overtime, it can help you save money on regular maintenance and repairs. This is due to the fact that metal pool fence screenings have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and other weather conditions.

Metal pool fencing can also be made to many different shapes and angles accordingly, based on your preference. Whether you want that trendy “vertical slatted” look or etched decorative design, you can all achieve this through this type of pool fence screening.

2.     Aluminium Pool Fence

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If you don’t like the look of metal screens in your backyard but still want that contemporary aesthetic, you can opt to choose aluminium pool fences. Simply combine the distinct look of aluminium with other materials, such as wood or stone, in order to build a beautiful and elegant privacy wall.

3.     Glass Pool Fence

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Glass pool fence screenings can create a sense of openness around the pool area. They can also divide your outdoor space without creating strict borders, ultimately making it perfect for your children or pets.

Glass panels offer a sleek and high-end look to your poolscape much like metals. But unlike metal and wood that can deteriorate over time, glass carries more resistance to damage from pool chemicals. They can either come in metal frames or a frameless style for that very stylish fencing solution.

However, if you feel a little bit exposed to your neighbour’s prying eyes, you can always consider frosted glass options as they provide privacy while still letting light shine through.

4.     Mesh Pool Fence

Source: DCS Pool Barriers

Similar to glass panels, mesh pool fences provide your backyard with maximum visibility and safety at the same time. They may not be the top choice for a stylish look in your property—because of their lack of appeal and character unlike metal and glass—but they come at a comparatively low cost.

Mesh pool screens are also extremely versatile and can be rearranged accordingly to suit your safety needs.

5.     Concrete Wall Pool Fence

Source: House of Bamboo

Putting up a concrete wall is a fuss-free solution for total privacy around your pool area. They are pretty straightforward but can also be spiced up to fit your home’s aesthetic, whether you want it bare, painted, with tiles, or whatever finish you like.

Another advantage of this type of pool fence is the fact that they’re extremely durable and would probably last a lifetime at a relatively cheap price.

6.     Vinyl Pool Fence

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Vinyl panels make up for a good pool fence solution for your backyard. They give off a clean and breezy appearance to your deck while still giving necessary privacy from intruders. They also tend to be less expensive than other pool fencing options.

Furthermore, vinyl come in many different styles which means you can build one that perfectly suits your home’s aesthetic look. They are also durable and easy to clean, making it a good option for long-term use.

Tip: Do you live an area that experiences constant strong winds? It might be best to steer clear from vinyl fences as their open-slatted design makes them more vulnerable to wind damage.

7.     Lattice Panel Pool Fence

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Lattice screens are another great choice for your pool fencing. Thanks to their diagonal criss-crossing detail, they create interesting shadows to your pool area but still effectively blocking neighbour’s views.

Spruce up the distinct look of lattice screens even more with some vibrant paint and gorgeous greenery, such as trumpet creepers or clematis. You can also try growing out vigorous plants such as trumpet creepers to cover a wide area but they can be hard to maintain.

8.     Hedge Pool Fence

Source: River Pools and Spas

Want to go fully green? You might be surprised that hedges can also be used as pool fence screening for your backyard. With them, you can keep both your children and pets safe while still having that touch of luxury in your property.

However, when it comes to hedge fences, they can take awhile to grow tall and thick in order for you to enjoy complete privacy. They also require a lot of maintenance and needs to be trimmed a couple of times every year.

9.     Wooden Pool Fence

Source: House of Bamboo

Wooden pool fences are the best option for those who want a rustic look in their backyard. However, they’re just as versatile as other construction materials, as you can now achieve a more modern look with them.

They provide necessary privacy to your poolscape. They are also extremely durable (with higher tensile strength compared to steel), able to resist electricity and heat, and come at a cheap price. Furthermore, as a natural building material, they are biodegradable and renewable. They can also be treated and painted accordingly, depending on your style preference.

However, wood needs to be maintained properly and regularly in order to stay clean and vibrant.

10.      Bamboo Pool Fence

Source: House of Bamboo

With bamboo’s inexpensive cost and durability, it’s easy to understand why it’s one of the most popular choices of homeowners when it comes to their pool fencing.

In addition to these benefits, bamboo also offers a stylish solution and a tropical personality to your backyard. They can also cover a large area, giving you that much-needed privacy from prying neighbours and other intruders.

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These pool fence screening ideas gives you both privacy and safety in your own backyard. However, it’s important to know that you can freely mix and match these different kinds of pool fences to achieve what exactly you want.

Leaning towards getting a bamboo fence for your poolscape? You can check out House of Bamboo’s collection of fencing solutions that comply with pool certification. Make an enquiry today to get a free quotation!

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