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  1. sandy@oohlafroufrou

    I’m printing this one off as we speak!!! Today, it’s so easy to carry our work with us 24-7, especially when you’re an artist whose studio is in a separate wing of her home. Yes, I do walk out of my house and into my studio a few feet away, but it’s so close that I work lots of hours. Gonna be studying your reading over your list more thoroughly tonight as I lay in bed ;)

  2. Donna

    Loving reading this as I wait for my flight home…happy Fourth! Xo

    • DeeAnne

      I’m so happy you enjoyed darling!

  3. Lydia @ The Vintage Mama

    Love this list! Glad to see that many of the things that I do to slow it down made the list (like being a stay at home mom, having my kids read more and watch less TV). I also try to listen to Frank Sinatra everyday…one just can’t feel rushed and worrisome when your listening to Sinatra! =D

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