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  1. sandy@oohlafroufrou

    Love the list! It’s always so much classier to see someone age in a beautiful and sophisticated manner than trying to be what they aren’t … 20. I love the beautiful older model photos where they look so beautifully put together with their white hair in a twist and lovely fashionable dresses and jewelry. We’ve probably all walked up behind someone in a very young hairstyle with tight fitting clothes or a mini-skirt in bright colors with high heels and thought it was a rather tasteless young woman, only to see when she turns that she’s into her 60’s. I’m sure she’s not thinking that the way she’s showcasing herself is only pointing out the fact that she’s NOT 20 … and makes her look even older. I hope I’m wise enough to not make those mistakes.

  2. Megan Matthieson

    Loved this. I only had a problem with a couple of them. I love to dance in clubs. Maybe it will wear off. :)

  3. Bobbie

    Wonderful list! Some made me laugh; some made me remember… the good things! Thank you!

  4. Simply Luxurious (Shannon)

    I love your lists. I again agree with your list. Some of my favorites and I’ll only name a few to spare you – invest in beautiful lingerie and let yourself fall in love. Two things that I need to allow myself to do. Other than that I’m really truly working on the rest and will again save this list. :)

    Have a lovely weekend DeeAnne.

  5. Mswoodenshoes

    Love the list! I really love 99. Always challenge yourself!

  6. Lily Lemontree (AS)

    Excellent post, just loved this list! Definitely words to live by!

  7. Jill Seidner

    What a great list!! Thanks for sharing – going to save this!

  8. Gill

    I too love the list & shall be saving it. My particular favourites are 65, 66 & 67! :)

  9. Irene Turner

    Thank you. I love this list because it’s not extremist in any way…it allows for and accepts choice, and it ties into what we are all looking for and that’s balance. Writing my book on Slow Home, this list fits right in as a right lifestyle for balance as we move through our world!

  10. Grandmom

    Sent to me by my daughter. I am nearing 70 and I already subscribe to about 90. I guess I have more work to do.

    My favorites 72 & 95.

    Have a happy day and keep a smile on your face…..

  11. Stephanie Ruby Feldman

    I LOVE this!! Would love to share with my readers…would give you the credit of course!

    • DeeAnne

      Hello Stephanie!
      I would be honoured for you to share my post with your readers!
      Very Best,

  12. Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less

    What a wonderful post. It’s truly inspiring to think about what we can do to make the most of our present and our future. It also inspired me to do more yoga and drink more water…two things that are always on top of my to do list! Thank you!

  13. DeeAnne

    Thank you all so very much for the kind comments! I absolutely love hearing which are your favourites, too.

  14. Julia

    This was marvelous! Loved every word…I want to frame this entire post.

    • DeeAnne

      Thank you so much Julia! What very kind words!

      Very Best,

  15. Hazel

    I’m 48 and still refusing to use the term “middle-aged” when describing myself.

    After tending to my ailing mother I came away with 2 pieces of wisdom. Smile more and moisturize everywhere.

    I also truly believe that the tight curly perms are the worst thing on the planet for older women. How aging. On the other hand, overly-coiffed helmet hair looks just as bad too no matter how trendy the cut. The softer the better. Bling is really aging.Too much gold and you look like and old rich matron.

    • DeeAnne

      Hello Hazel!
      Thank you for dropping by! You and I are exactly the same age, and I so agree with all of your comments.
      Very Best,

  16. Piper (DailyDivaDish)

    Such a beautiful list DeeAnn!
    XO Piper

  17. Grace

    Thank you for this fabulous post! So much food for thought there, much to aspire to! :)

  18. Valérie

    Some oops and some ahhhs – I would love to send to my friends and crediting you!
    Happy Easter!

  19. Vicki Archer

    Such a fabulous list… Well said… Thank you for the inspiration… xv

  20. Carla Coulson

    Adored this list will print it out as need all the help I can get!!
    I linked your fabulous blog today on my post here http://carlacoulson.com/links-i-love/
    Keep the words of wisdom rolling just fabulous
    Carla x

    • DeeAnne

      Thank you so very much Carla! It obviously came out of my turning 50 this year, and wanting to have a set of ideals for myself, but I’ve been overwhelmed by the response.

      Many, many thanks,
      DeeAnne x

  21. Lisa T

    What a terrific list. We all need to be reminded not to waste our later years lamenting our lost youth. We can still have beauty, it’s all in the attitude. I love the one about ‘playing’. I always feel young when playing with my great niece and nephew or any small children…and champagne? YES

  22. Frances

    Great list….. one more thing …..forgive others and never go to bed angry.


    I just found your blog and what a wonderful introduction this post is!! Thank you for this list! I agree with all 100 suggestions, completely. I have always said aging is a natural process that we all begin the day we are born, but getting old is all in our minds!! I don’t mind aging but I refuse to become old thinking and acting!!
    Have a wonderful day,

    • Terali

      Love the site

  24. Francesca Muir

    Wow this is JUST what I need – thank you so much. Found your blog thanks to the lovely Carla – and am now going to share your list. Thank you and have a lovely day.

  25. Sanne

    Have had my 60th birthday some months ago. Think the list is a perfect gift for me!
    Thank You

    • DeeAnne

      A very happy belated birthday, and I’m absolutely delighted that the post resonated with you!

      Many happy returns,

  26. Michelle

    Its a great list. Unfortunately, I have wasted much of my life wishing for old age so I could just be happy with myself the way I am and could stop trying to be this unattainable model of fitness and beauty. As I age, I see that this magical age of peace doesn’t really exist. These lists and women with your outlook help. Thank you.

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