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  1. soulberry

    If only one of those could become my wings

    • Karen Wallace

      Love this list. What a pleasure to read this. Warmly, Karen

  2. Doniree

    What kind of advice would you give to someone starting to feel that pull?

    • DeeAnne

      I’d begin by putting a plan in place to make your career mobile, then you open up a world of possibilities for yourself! You can work with an expat/lifestyle design coach to help you with that piece, and with the rest of the details, too. Best of luck! D

  3. Susan Nye

    DeeAnne – I love your list. I was an expatriate in Switzerland for 17 years. I had great success with a Fortune 50 company, managed a big team and a big quota and traveled 60-70% of the time. I loved it … until I didn’t. About 7 years ago I moved back to my childhood home in New Hampshire and reinvented myself. I went from high-tech executive to food writer and chef. I love it … still do. Take care – Susan

    • DeeAnne

      Susan~Your story is so similar to mine! I loved my time in the corporate world, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I learned so much, and made life long friends, but it was time for the next chapter. I’m having a ball, but I’ll save your message to reread when my doubts creep in! Thank you again! D

  4. Cristina

    I have lived in Mexico for 30 years and am as mad about my life here as I have always been. With all its warts and with all its wonders, Mexico is my home.


    • Lydia Mertz

      Thanks for your post. I’m going to be moving to Mexico next year after I graduate but had previously studied abroad there. Sometimes I feel that I am not making the right decision about going back there but it’s such a lovely country and felt like home too. Blessings

      • DeeAnne

        Hello Lydia!

        Thank you for the comment, and the good thing about moving away is that they don’t shut the gate behind you! You can always go back, if the adventure takes you home.

        Best of luck!

  5. Andrea

    Fantastic list!! I became one because of reason number 38 (fallen in love with someone who lives in another country)…now I’m a dual citizen and have never looked back; you’ll never look at your home country exactly the same again if you become an expat for any length of time…marvellous experience: I say go for it!

  6. Phil

    We moved to Belgium in 1996 and cannot imagine ever going back to the USA. The Loire Valley calls us for retirement. All that wine and cheese is hard to leave.

    • DeeAnne

      Thank you for all of the wonderful stories about becoming an expat! You continue to inspire myself, and others, who are just beginning our journey! Best wishes, D

  7. zagrebcity

    excellent list.. number 48. You want to be a fisherman in a tiny Mexican village on the sea – my favorite

  8. Abby

    Great list!! I ticked off so many of these and got a kick out of 69, which is me. Love it!

  9. Emily

    Wow this is making me want to go abroad NOW! I have alwasy wanted to work abroad but I am a recent marketing college grad and dont know where to begin!? Any Advice?? I just discovered your blog and It is already on my FAVORITES LIST! cheers!

  10. Lisa

    My husband and I have been toying with the idea of living for a year in Europe, and are now seriously considering it. I came across your blog by reading about your 100 Reasons to be an Expat list in Barbara Winter’s ezine. So glad I found it!

    I love the entire list, but especially #39 (because time DOES stand still for me anywhere in Italy… love that country and it is the country of my ancestors too!), and #52 because I am visiting Provence for the first time this summer after a 15 year obsession with it from afar (been to France but not yet to Provence — can’t wait).

    Thanks – Lisa

  11. LindaP

    My favorite was #85 “you want to make corporate life a distant memory”. I was an expat in Asia and in Europe for more than 5 years and loved it. I changed and grew SO MUCH! Now that I’ve quit corporate America and am reinventing my life, going back to the expat life is one of the plans – but this time on my own terms – with my portable business! Thanks for the list – I loved reading it and thinking how many of those reasons are also my reasons.

  12. Deb Brown

    Great list! You had me at #1 — God I love Greece! http://www.travelwoman.com for my Greek pics. I too found you via Barbara Winter’s ezine and am so glad I did. Thanks for this great list.

    • DeeAnne

      Thank you for all the lovely, lovely responses! I’ve enjoyed hearing your stories much more than you’ll every know.
      Very best wishes on your expat journey! d

  13. Michelle

    I love this list. I’ll bet you could think of a thousand. There are so many good reasons and so many benefits that a nice, tidy ‘100’ is just a starting point–but excellent food for thought! Very inspiring and it reminds me of some of the reasons why I remain an expat 20 years on…

  14. JJ

    Having been an expat since I was 5 years old, its great to be able to tick off so many reasons on the list and remind myself that I still love this nomadic lifestyle that I was “given”… even as I contemplate making the jump and building yet another one of my many “lifetimes” … Time to really start to re-think and re-prioritise my very own personal “Top 100 Reasons to (still) be an expat” list.

    • DeeAnne

      Hello JJ!

      What an amazing gift you were given as a child! I’ve just read your email, and I’ll reply to that as well, but what a life you’ve lived already!

      Very best wishes!

  15. connie nakamura

    Have been living in Saipan for 30 years….and will soon move to Japan. I would never consider going back to America. Once every 5 years or so I go home for a visit and every time..I can’t WAIT to leave. I guess I now find most Americans so narrow-minded and uneducated about the world around them. …..having lived around many different cultures and peoples all these years I have come to understand that just because someone is “different” does not mean they are wrong! Sometimes we get Americans that come here for a while and all they do is complain about how things are here -often they are heard commenting “In the States we….” my response is…well…then GO BACK to the states…! I don’t hate America…I’ve just grown beyond it. Glad I left and never want to go back.

    • DeeAnne

      It’s so wonderful that you’ve found that the whole world suits you, and not just one country, Connie! I look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

      Best Wishes,


  16. Maryam in Marrakech

    Oh #32 is my favorite far and away. What a great list:-)

    • DeeAnne

      Thank you Maryam! That’s one of my favourites as well, and the driving force behind my dreams of travel as a young girl. When I was 10 and living in the US during the Cold War, I was just certain that if my parents would let me move to Moscow I’d see that every person I met would want the same things I wanted in life.
      Out of small dreams…

  17. diana strinati baur

    Big Surprise. I’m all over Number 98 darlin. :)

    • DeeAnne

      After our recent conversation, no surprise at all dearest Diana!
      Still one of my favourite things about you.

  18. Anastasia

    Thanks for this DeeAnne!

    The best part of international life *is* the possibilities…to be able to do things unavailable/impossible/laughable/forgotten/neverheardof where you’re from.

  19. Audrey

    Great list – from the serious to the crazy dreams. To add to what Anastasia said, I think being an expatriate or embracing an international life changes one’s mindset from “no, not possible” to “heck, why not?”

  20. Sanda

    I love all of your reasons, but especially #32, #35 (let me dream…) and #78. My own personal one I would add is ‘because life is too short to get placid and the world is too gorgeous to ever stop exploring’.

  21. Vanessa@Luxuria

    I have been an expat in Spain now for 10 years, and now feeling the pull to return to the UK. I think you always return to your “roots” in the end no matter how fab it’s been. I never thought I would return to the UK, and now I can’t wait to go back!

    • christina

      Hi I lived near Barcelona for 18 years then I lost my husband and have moved back to were I was born in Burton on Trent. I hated living over there but I went there for my husband I could make a book on why not to live in Spain.


      • DeeAnne

        Hello Christina,
        I’m so sorry for your loss, and that you didn’t enjoy your expat experience. There are many people that feel the same, and I think it would be a great idea to write about it, as a way of helping others avoid (or at least foresee) potential problems. Becoming an expat is not for everyone, but for me it’s been absolutely perfect.
        I wish you all the best in the future!

  22. James

    While 17 is most attractive, I think 29 is more towards the truth.
    Along with 77, you may have lost the love of your life.

  23. fashion butter

    What a great post! Just stumbled upon it and totally needed something like this today. Number one describes my life best. : )

  24. ashley

    Fashion Butter linked to you on twitter, so I found this list…and I LOVE it.

    So glad you mentioned Turkey because that is where I am working to get to!!! :)

  25. Kelly

    Great list! I am living the expat life in rural England since falling in love with a Londoner. But I’m ready for my next adventure pretty soon I think…

  26. Joe Stilwell

    I did it. I escaped from America and now ive in Shenzhen China

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