100 Ways to Savour the Moment

Her on his lap

1. Linger after a kiss

2. Sit in the quiet, no television and no radio, and just listen (This pairs very well with a cup of coffee before anyone else has gotten up in the morning)

3. Take your time making your bed, and enjoy when all of the pillows are just so

4. Walk more slowly, and look around you rather than straight ahead

5. Take all day to cook a fabulous meal from scratch, and enjoy every step

6. Leave the radio off in the car, and listen to your thoughts

7. Take your time getting dressed and putting on your makeup, and just anticipate the evening out

8. Take your child for a walk, ask them questions, and contemplate their answers without giving your own opinion

9. Practice il dolce far niente…the sweetness of doing nothing

10. Read The Precious Present

11. Revive the 6pm cocktail hour at home, and just relax while chatting with your partner or listening to jazz

12. Have a bedtime ritual that soothes and relaxes

13. When dusting, enjoy the feeling and weight of each item

14. Make a picnic for one, and take it to your private reflecting spot

15. Eat at the dinner table, rather than in front of the television, and taste each wonderful bite

16. Stay a little bit longer in the bathtub, and add some wonderful aromatherapy oil

17. Lazily stretch in bed when you first wake up

18. Go for an old fashioned Sunday afternoon drive

19. Invite friends over for a glass of wine on the terrace…even on a school night

20. Go to your nearest dog beach, or dog park, to be reminded about being absolutely present

21. Look for a four leaf clover

22. When your partner is snoring, think of how much you’d miss that snore if they weren’t with you anymore

23. Make eye contact with your partner across a crowded room, and wink

24. Make your own lovely arrangement of flowers, trimming and placing each stem perfectly

25. Read in bed before drifting off to sleep

26. Get a little table outside at a cafe for lunch during the workday, and use every single minute of your lunch break

27. Have only one bite of dessert, and let it fill your mouth with flavour

28. Watch you children, or partner, when they don’t know you are..especially when they’re laughing at a movie or television programme

29. Feel the bubbles in your Champagne tickle your tongue

30. Go to a cricket match, order a Pimm’s, and feel the sun on your face

31. Feel the fabric of each item you’re wearing today

32. People watch while you’re waiting for the train

33. How wonderful is a long drink of water when you’re very thirsty?

34. Relish the feeling of taking your makeup off before bed

35. Delight in the look of appreciation when you’re significant other sees you dressed to go out

36. Study wine tasting: it’s one of the best ways to learn to appreciate tastes and smells

37. Find the most scenic way to drive to work, even if it takes a few extra minutes

38. Stop rushing yourself, and practice The Elegance of Slow

39. Take up gardening, even if it’s flower pots on the terrace

40. Take up golf; it’s a lovely way to savour 4 hours outdoors with a friend

41. Stay in bed all day and watch old movies

42. Invite good friends over for dinner, and sit back and just listen to the conversation

43. Make snow cones on a warm summer’s day

44. Get a puppy

45. Window shop

46. Daydream

47. Read old letters and cards you’ve received

48. Enjoy the sound of rain

49. Enjoy the sound of birds singing

50. Enjoy the sound of your children singing, laughing or simply talking

51. Sleep in your loveliest nightgown

52. Decide how you’ll make right now perfect for yourself, or someone you love

53. Bundle up and go outside for a walk in the snow

54. Put on a sundress and sandals and enjoy a day outside in the sun

55. Splash in the puddles with your children, your dog or your spouse

56. Take complete joy in one thing that you’re truly grateful for

57. Learn to play a musical instrument

58. Luxuriate in the feeling of clean sheets

59. Appreciate your surroundings, wherever you are right now

60. Have lunch with the girls

61. Enjoy the feeling of working out, whether it’s yoga, running, lifting weights or swimming

62. Photograph the moment through your own eyes

63. Pour a nice glass of wine and reflect on this very minute

64. Savour a cup of coffee at a cafe in Paris

65. Close your eyes and listen to your favourite song

66. Stand on the edge of the surf, and enjoy the water lapping over your toes

67. Get a massage and let the world quietly drift away

68. Pay special attention to the details in your home

69. Take a walk in the country with a dog or a small child, and see everything they see

70. Take a walk in NYC and swim in all the sights, smells and sounds

71. Say a sincere “please” and “thank you” to clerks and waitstaff, and watch their reaction

72. Thrill to a finished project at work, before beginning the next one

73. Blow goodbye kisses

74. Listen to the crickets on a summer’s evening

75. Live somewhere you can see the stars again

76. When the traffic is bad, realize that you can’t do anything about it, turn up the radio, and sing

77. Make snow angels

78. Be the person others can count on to really listen

79. Have a game night, whether with family or friends

80. Stop and smell the roses…literally

81. Write proper letters

82. Enjoy a job well done

83. Visit a museum and take a seat in front of your favourite work of art

84. Appreciate a fine piece of furniture that was made by hand

85. Give your spouse a big kiss for doing the dishes

86. Cook together

87. Laugh at the silly things

88. Take a Sunday afternoon nap

89. Have margaritas with chips and guacamole for dinner

90. Play dress up with your daughter

91. Catch lightning bugs with your son

92. Make a candlelit dinner for two

93. Write a list of the things you like about you

94. Write a list of the things you like about your partner

95. Make a list of all the things you like

96. Spend some time in a hammock

97. Build a sandcastle, a snow man or a fort

98. Dance while you cook, clean or iron

99. Appreciate one cigar a year on your birthday

100. Be exactly where you are right now


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20 thoughts on “100 Ways to Savour the Moment”

  1. Wow! what an incredible list. I am certainly going to go and order the book you recommend now!
    Hope you don’t mind I am going to print off the list, and try and do “at least” 1 every day.
    Just read your bio (hadn’t read it before), what an interesting person you are; and now you are living in the UK (my country of birth). Maybe one day you will visit Spain?

    1. Hello Vanessa,
      Thank you for the kind words! I hope you enjoy the book, and that you’re able to squeeze in at least one way to savour a moment each day. Thank you for the kind words about the bio, too, and I’d LOVE to visit Spain one day…maybe lunch??!

  2. Another incredible list, DeeAnne! My top five are definitely numbers 17, 29, 34, 62 & 75 – although all are wonderful. Thanks so much for compiling and posting this list. Have a wonderful weekend! *Jennie B.

    1. Thank you so much for listing your favourites Jennie B. and doesn’t number 17 just feel so decadent????

      I hope all is wonderful in your world!

  3. Now I have ideas for my clients, to help them enjoy the wonderfull space we have created in their home and now that it is done they have free time to do more on this wonderfull list of pleasurable moments.

  4. As always, I love your 100’s! So, I got a puppy and he and I both enjoy gazing at the stars at night so I’m already on my way. You chosen a puppy yet … ? Thanks as always, Gee.

    1. Hello Gee!
      Thank you so much for your kind comment, and for the inspiration on buying a puppy! I can just picture the two of you stargazing! I haven’t chosen mine yet, but watch this space.

  5. Oh, number 22. Didn’t miss it at all. Spent three years being so thankful for the quiet. (He’s still alive, I just left the country. His snoring was that loud.)

  6. Thank you for taking this Excellent and Beautiful Blog and your wonderful articles and lists! I am truly enjoying each one!

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