100 Ways to Live Slow

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1. Turn the PDA off as soon as you walk through your front door

2. Leave the PDA at home when you go on holiday, or have your hotel lock it up

3. Read and respond to email only twice a day, if anything is urgent they’ll phone you

4. Play more cards and board games

5. Have a garden, even if it’s only an herb garden on the window sill

6. Drive less; walk more

7. Slow down, and really enjoy your food

8. Read before bed

9. Ban fast food, and learn about slow food instead

10. Don’t eat in the car

11. Don’t work AT ALL on holiday

12. Don’t try to fill up every moment of silence

13. Do one thing at a time, and do it well

14. Set aside time to do nothing at all

15. Give up the notion that the world will come to a standstill if you miss a day of work

16. Give up the notion that being busy equals being important

17. Enroll your children in only one activity at a time

18. Move to the country, a village, or a small town

19. Be aware of what you’re doing (ie don’t arrive home not knowing how you got there)

20. Vacation at home, and give the stress of traveling a miss

21. Go on more bike rides

22. Spend more time with your grandparents

23. Give up on having it all, and doing it all, and have inner-peace instead

24. Listen more

25. Forget the past and the future, and live in the right now

26. Have more in-person conversations, and fewer via text or email

27. Own less, but own the best quality possible, so that you’ll have less maintenance, replacement costs and up-keep

28. Work fewer hours

29. Live within your means

30. Have a home you can afford

31. Have a lifestyle you can sustain

32. Notice the seasons changing, and the children growing

33. Learn how to just be

34. Give up on trying to impress others

35. Do less

36. Get to know your neighbours

37. Identify your time wasters, and banish them

38. Identify the things that matter to you, and take care of them before you expend your energy on less important matters

39. Set specific time aside for your partner and your children

40. Work and shop closer to home

41. Tell your children fairy tales

42. Stop offering to do everything for everyone else

43. Make a career out of something you truly enjoy

44. Be prepared to live on less

45. Change your thinking about how much you need

46. Stop trying to run other people’s lives

47. Learn to say “No”

48. Don’t feel guilty for saying no

49. Don’t let others make you feel obligated

50. Learn that fast is just an illusion

51. Break the addiction to multitasking

52. Stretch before getting out of bed in the morning

53. Stretch and meditate before going to bed in the evening

54. Identify the most important bits of your job, and do those to perfection

55. Don’t try to get to your destination more quickly by constantly changing traffic lanes, just take a deep breath and let it take how long it takes

56. Take pride in a job well done

57. Take pride in a day completely wasted

58. Incorporate working-out into activities with the family, rather than going to the gym alone then coming home to tired to play with the kids

59. Have your kids practice their reading while you cook dinner, instead of them watching television or playing video games

60. Eat at the dinner table, with no distractions

61. Become an expert at daydreaming

62. Go on holidays that rejuvenate you, rather than those that exhaust you

63. Understand that planning could very well be a complete waste of time in many instances

64. Don’t succumb to the pressure to do more

65. Learn that just because you don’t want to pay the price that the job requires, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do the job

66. Take old-fashioned coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon, and leave the office for lunch

67. Be focused on your work when you are at your desk, and make the most of the time that you’re working

68. Enjoy the Elegance of Slow

69. Realize how few mistakes are made when you slow down just a bit

70. Recognize how much more in control you feel when you slow down just a bit

71. Remember that not everything can be urgent, even if a message is marked as such

72. Don’t allow anyone else’s false sense of urgency to rub off on you

73. Learn that you’ll get more done by slowing down and getting to it, than you will by worrying about how you’re going to get it all done

74. Don’t confuse being busy with being productive at work

75. Delight in the rare occurrence of quiet, rather than thinking of something to do to fill up the time

76. Spend more time in hammocks

77. Don’t finish other people’s sentences, give them time to speak for themselves

78. Go for a walk with your children, and let them do all of the talking

79. Make cookies from scratch

80. Avoid power, fame, and fortune

81. Stay grounded, even if you gain the above

82. Buy less, and reward true craftsmanship

83. Don’t give in to unreasonable demands on your time

84. Find the balance that works for you, and stick to it unapologetically

85. Cultivate hobbies that restore your creativity

86. Care as much about your relationships with others as you do about career success

87. Redefine a successful life, outside of how the world defines it

88. Don’t be distracted by the latest trends in fashion, gadgets, or technology

89. Don’t be a slave to anything

90. Don’t be embarrassed to say that you’re satisfied with less

91. Don’t be embarrassed to say that you’d rather stay in on a Saturday night

92. Don’t be embarrassed to jump off the fast track

93. Don’t be embarrassed to stay home to raise the children

94. If you’re able, move to a country that values a slower pace of life

95. Learn to create peace within yourself, so that you aren’t swayed by outside chaos

96. Care about the world around you

97. Turn down the promotion if it threatens your slow

98. Don’t drive so fast that you miss the scenery

99. Study the slow movement

100. Be an intelligent optimist


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4 thoughts on “100 Ways to Live Slow”

  1. I’m printing this one off as we speak!!! Today, it’s so easy to carry our work with us 24-7, especially when you’re an artist whose studio is in a separate wing of her home. Yes, I do walk out of my house and into my studio a few feet away, but it’s so close that I work lots of hours. Gonna be studying your reading over your list more thoroughly tonight as I lay in bed 😉

  2. Love this list! Glad to see that many of the things that I do to slow it down made the list (like being a stay at home mom, having my kids read more and watch less TV). I also try to listen to Frank Sinatra everyday…one just can’t feel rushed and worrisome when your listening to Sinatra! =D

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